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Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey Everyone, a New Amy Sedaris Movie is Coming Out Next Week Everywhere Except Pittsburgh!

I have always been a fan of the Sedaris family. David's books were scattered throughout my house growing up so at some point I read all of them, and my brother and I have always been huge fans of Strangers With Candy. So when I heard that there is an Amy Sedaris movie coming out June 25th I was surprised I had not heard about. The movie is called Full Grown Men, and here is the website. I am sure that my excitement will soon turn into frustration when I find out the movie will never see the light of day in Pittsburgh, and that by the time it comes out on DVD I will have forgotten about it, or it will be so far down on my list of movies to see that I will catch it on IFC or Sundance before my Netflix que gets to it. Oh the tragedy of living in a post 1970's working class -aging population- steel town. Below is a you tube clip of Amy ad-libbing as a bar tender.

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