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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Guess We all Known Who Creaky Boards is Now...

Coldplay has managed to be accused of the worst offense commitable by an artists... intellectual property infringement. You know unlawful appropriation. Duh duh duh. Or something like that. The Brooklyn based band Creaky Boards has said that Viva La Viva sounds a lot like their song Songs I didn't Write. Is there a likelihood of confusion?Are they substantially similar? Well we will let the lawyers decide.( In my legal opinion no. Plus I believe that they are not similar enough to give a rise to inference of copying. You would need direct or circumstantial evidence showing Martin heard or had access to the work). Creaky Boards claims that they saw Chris Martin in the audience at festival they played at in 2007. Chris Martin and company deny saying they were in London recording Viva La Vida and that the promotional cut was long recorded by then. I appreciate Coldplay. They are not my favorite band, but I think they write some goods songs are worth having a following (Kara). I don't think that there is any "stealing" of music going on here. Chris Martin is a pretty good writer and I don't think he needs Creaky Boards to write a song that is unmistakeably Coldplayesque. The melodies are the similar, but that is very much capable of coincidence. If anything this was Creaky Boards 15 minutes of fame. There chance to get some national attention. (BTW Creaky Boards is a decent band but a dime a dozen in the "indie pop" movement). I don't blame them there are tons of bands doing the same thing and even better ( I'm From Barcelona, PBJ, Animal Collective, Magnetic Fields, etc.) We will all forget about this when Coldplay's album ends up selling millions world wide. Further the fact that Creaky Boards is not threatening legal action is telling.

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