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Monday, June 16, 2008

Is It Just Me Or is Living Lohan No Better Than John and Kate Plus 8?

I have to admit that I was secretly excited for Living Lohan to debut on E! I figured that it would be this Long Island accent mess-terpiece that gave us an acute understanding of how a young successful star could go to rehab three times in one year when her mother is her manager. But to tell you the truth, the show is actually a major disappointment. It is no better than your run of the mill family TLC reality shows. The family is pretty typical, and other than Nana and Dina, no one is really that interesting. Ali- I'm sorry Alilana- is your typical awkward teen, and the rest of the kids are exactly that, typical (It cracks me up how much Michael looks like the dad- He is a pretty good guy too- No Ryan Sheckler, but stand up). Dina does save the show a bit. It is painfully obvious that Dina so wanted to be famous herself years ago, and is sharing her "knowledge" of the industry to vicariously live that dream as a Fifty year old through her young clients. She claims the show is for Ali to help her career, but lets all be adults the show is just as much, if not more, about Dina than it is about Ali. Further, there is no chance of Ali reaching Lindsey levels of fame. She really can't sing and looks like a washed up Days of Our Lives actress. BTW Dina and Lindsey must share the same hair stylist because they both are big fans of the synthetic plastic Barbie Hair. Overall Dina Lohan is actually a pretty good single mom. There I said it. Aside from being overly trusting and bringing people she doesn't know that well close to the family (Jeremy- who is so obviously using Ali and the show as a vehicle for his own career its sick), Dina is surprisingly around the house a lot, and she thoughtful about the best choices for her family (which leads me to believe that Michael the dad is bat shit crazy). Her biggest fault is thinking that she knows how to play the press game. Let me give you a piece of advice Dina. You don't always have to say something. You complain about the paparazzi-tabloid-gossip world, but you play the game and are right in there with the best of them. A no comment or short denial goes a lot farther sometimes than getting on the phone and threatening legal action. Don't play the game then cry foul. You can't beat the press so stop thinking you can. Its a parasitic relationship that you are just as much at fault for creating. I highly doubt this show will be renewed for a second season. It can't hold a candle to even the crappiest VH1 celeb-reality shows (Celebracadabra anyone?), It has nothing on the Kardashian show or the Girls Next Door, and it certainly is not an Osbournes, which for Dina should be a success. If the point is to show how boring and typical the family is then they have accomplished the goal. If it is to bring more fame and notoriety, then they better step up their game and get Lindsey and her bull dyke girlfriend on the show stat!!!

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