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Monday, June 30, 2008

Is Rachel Ray Hannah Montana Posing as Miley Cyrus?

Is it just me or does Hannah Montana look like Rachel Ray in her new crappy video? This could be a true life version of the show. Rachel Ray is moonlighting as a 16 year old teen high school junior posing as a teen pop star. They are both annoying, they both have big teeth, and they are both idolizedd by middle America. I have uncovered the ultimate pop culture shannagan! Is it Rachel Ray as Hannah Montan, Miley Cyrus posing as Rachel Ray, Hannah Montana posing as Rachel Ray, Rachel Ray posing as Miley Cyrus, or just Hannah Montana posing as Miley Cyrus? Is that all the permutations of possibilities? This is like a really lame (not that Jem wasn't lame too, but this is even more lame) version of Jem,
Rachel Ray is a
huge indie rock fan, so maybe this is her way of indulging in pop poop. Further Miley is going for a new "Adult Sound" on her new album. Maybe I am on to something. Pretty soon Rachel Ray's FHM photo shoot is going to come out and cause a huge Miley Cyrus controversy.

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