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Friday, June 20, 2008

It Will Be on Again Tomorrow...and the Next Day...and the Day After That...

I watch the O'rielly Factor every night. Don't ask me why because I don't even know. I am not a Bill fan, but I due think that most of his biggest detractors have never watched a whole episode, and don't really understand him. He is not what most liberal cry baby's accuse of him of being. Don't get me wrong he is an angry repressed person that desperately wishes the 1950's would make a triumphant return to mainstream America, but his show is somewhat entertaining if you understand that it is nothing more that a tabloid TV show made up in political news costume. Keep in mind this guy did use to work for Inside Addition. He can talk about politics all he wants, but lets all be adults, the show is a glossy news magazine that is far from legitimate journalism. There is no reason to get your panties in a bunch over him. One thing about the show, is that it agonizingly sticks to its rubric everyday and every episode. Minute to minute, Bill does the same segments just with different guests. It is basically the same show over and over again with different people saying similar things. 23/6 (Wud up Alex!) has done an incredible 1 minute version of the O'rielly Factor. Anyone who watches the show can appreciate how dead on this 1 minute is. If you can get through this minute you will see anything and everything the Factor is capable of producing. Enjoy you Pinheads!!

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