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Thursday, June 26, 2008

So You Think You are America's Best Dance Crew...

I spent most of last night watching people and groups of people dance. That was an improvement on the earlier part of the day which was wasted watching Sixteen Candles twice ( Yes I am supposed to be studying - i took a day off). I watched Pretty in Pink the other day, which I guess is working toward an inevitable Molly Ringwold post. Any who, WHAT THE HELL IS LITTLE MAMA TALKING ABOUT?? If anyone knows please let me know, because at this point Paula Abdul and Mary Murphy look like Bill Gates and Steven Hawkings compared to Little Mama. Whatever Shane Sparks says, which is the most professional since he is a choreographer, Lil Mama says the opposite. Then she spits some negative- want to be hard -shit that causes everyone to look at each other confused. Or at least I think she does, because I don't understand anything she says. What does she know about dancing anyway? She "invented" the G Slide which is basically how she dances the Electric Slide. We all have our own style (Mines called the "I'm turning the wrong way every time slide"), but we don't get to be judges on a dance show. Now a rapping show, that would be a different story. Lil Mama can rap. Anyway the cheer leading jazz squad known as Sassy 7 got the boot. So Real Cru, Suppa Crew, and Supreme Soul are the bomb diggity, and will be the final three. I like A.S.I.I.D  because they got the deaf Asian Dude. Fanny Pack are alright, and should be up my alley, but I hate L.A hipsters. They say they are bringing back the 80's, but last time I checked Fanny Packs are 90's. Believe me I saw enough of them on my family vacation to Busch Gardens back in 92. Plus I am on a John Hughes movie binge. Where was I. Oh yeah Lil Mama stupid, Suppa Crew awesome.....um... Oh yeah its funny to see JC Chazgay flirt with the boy band team Xtreme Dance Force. Hes so gay. Evey time he says Gaynor it cracks me up. 

So You Think You Can Dance Was on Too. It was good and the black girl got eliminated, not the urban crumper (who is hot), but the modern dancer. I hate those modern dancers they all do the same thing. They run around the stage, look up into the air, waves their arms around, then roll around on the ground. They should make a team on America's Best Dance Crew choreograph a contemporary routine. Now that would be hilarious. Back to Sixteen Candles... Farmer Ted just asked Samantha Baker for her underpants. "We have 70 dollars and a pair of girls underpants. We are safe as kittens..." Duckie can't hold an 80's geek candle to Ted. Video below- I couldn't find the video I was looking for ( Of the grandparents upset about Jake calling the house) So here is a weird mix of the Killers with the dance.

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