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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

That Shot Of Love Show is a Nightmare!!

How can someone commit an aggravated battery, then be allowed to come back on television justifying his behavior, and then go on to commit intentional infliction of emotional distress on a person all under the watchful eye of MTV, and no legal ramifications occur. I mean seriously, what does MTV have to do to get fucking sued!! Do they even have laws in California. We all know they don't convict people of murder, but I didn't know the protection goes all the way to nobody reality TV stars. The Tila Tequila reunion show was on (recap here), and I about had an stroke watching Chad talk about his assault on Bo (Bo and Chad are both douche bags. If you need proof go to Chads Myspace. It is douche overload. Yes that is a picture of him and Mickey Avalon. Mickey fucking Avalon. This guy is so douchebag that is almost unbelievable that someone could understand the concept and pull it off so well- although the wangbone thing was funny). How can someone do what he did and get away with it. The dude should be publicly stoned. Then to come on TV, rip apart the dudes mother only to have MTV put him in a cage. He belongs in jail not a cage. Bo has a metal plate in his jaw and MTV wants him to talk about how much he loves Tila. Imagine what it is like to see yourself get pummeled over and over again on TV, and have a person make a joke about it after they are brought back onto a national forum. What world are we living in?? No one felt the need to bring up the criminality of what happened? I understand these people are complete idiots for going on these shows and sign releases, but MTV is going to have to eventually be held responsible for some of the garbage that they not only cause, but intentionally create. If I were Bo I would have used the opportunity of the reunion show to personally serve a complaint on Chad and the producers of the show. And whats with that obnoxious softball lesbian dyke. Someone put a fist dildo in her mouth!! I am getting sick of MTV reality shows. I don't know maybe my taste in reality TV is becoming more sophisticated. Give me I survived a Japanese Game Show and I'll be happy. Maybe I am becoming more comfortable with my perversions with age. Hey Bo call me. Lets sue some people. I'll take on Viacom. I don't care. 

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