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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yes , Another Amy Winehouse Post...

(via Dlisted) I know I have been posting alot about Amy Whienhouse, but I just can't help it. If she had a Brig Brother reality TV show where cameras followed her around 24 hours a day I would ruin my life watching it. She is just such a disaster, a calamity of epic proportions, a train-plane- and automobile wreck that ends up in an explosion. Lately I have been getting a kick out of her mess of performances. Someone has been shooting her up, giving her a bump, then shoving her out on stage to do a "Weekend and Bernie's" type performance. They just keep getting better and better. After a performance for a Russian billionaire was basically Amy flushing his money down a toilet, and the Nelson Mandela celebration where she replaced words about freeing Nelson Mandela with words about freeing her Blake, Amy decided to take on Glastonbury. She did manage to sing a couple songs at a standard that I guess is professional under some peoples understanding of the word, but don't worry it was still a M-E-S-S.  Well, Dlisted has a post about the performance. She first called Kanye West a cunt, and then got into a Jerry Springer esque fight with an audience member after stumbling into the audience during "Rehab".  I love how she punches on the syllables of "not-hing, noth-ing you can't teach me" then stumbles away sings a bit and laughs. Note to Whinehouse management, don't let her near the audience. You will be held strictly liable for any damage the dangerous creature causes.  

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