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Thursday, August 14, 2008

CasiNO is a Go...and We Start This all Over for the Pens...

The state gaming control board approved the transfer over ownership today, and Neil Bluhm now has ownership. Construction will resume Monday!!! Yeah. Bluhm was also transfered the Casino license so Barden is out like a bat out of hell. I think you can still see the tire tread marks in Harrisburg from where Barden floored it high tailing it back to Detroit. Barden still has a 20% interest in the Casino, which is a win for him. It was a good thing this happened today because the Penguins broke ground on their new 290 million dollar arena in uptown today. The Penguins are betting on the Casino being profitable because the Pens were promised 7.5 million a year for thirty years from Casino profits. If  ownership hadn't been transferred there could have been bankruptcy and we would have had two unfinished multimillion dollar projects in Pittsburgh instead of one. County Executive Dan Onaroto says that the funds for the Penguins arena was never in any harm from the Casino disaster because they were already borrowed, but after  the assurances that proved to be lies concerning the North Shore, I wouldn't believe much that officials say. Luckily, it looks as if things are finally going as planned. That Arena could reshape Uptown and the Hill District and turn it into an Arena District like Colombus. I don't want to come off as excited about Pittsburgh, but I am having trouble hiding it!

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