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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holy Shit!!! I thought the Olympics Closing Ceremony Was Over...

You know John McCain is throwing his living room lamps against the wall with his stubby little arms. That comment about McCain "not following BinLaden to his cave" may have given McCain a heart attack and an aneurysm all while destroying his Depends. Obama's speech just ended and let me tell you it was a spectacle. It started out just as cheesy as any Hollywood movie from The Astronaut Farmer to Armageddon, and couldn't have ended anymore Blockbuster than Independence Day. Did anyone catch that weird music they played at the end after the shameless Brookes and Dunn song? It sounded like the end to Batman as the Dark Night rides off into the night to go after more bad guys. Anyridiculous, the speech was insanely awesome, and what made it better was seeing Fox News "Analysts" run around like chickens with their heads cut off. They are trying to come up with negatives, but are just clucking a bunch of jargon nonsense. Some aren't even trying to come up with something bad. Bill Crystal and Fred Barnes just said the speech was "wildly entertaining and highly effective". If these guys are saying good things about this speech, I am not sure if McCain will be able to show his face after this. I am almost embarrassed for McCain just thinking about how he will compete with this performance. He should just walk out with his head down waiving the white flag. This was like a knockout punch in the 3rd round. Poor McCain, his annoying use of the words "my friends," sound so pathetic up against Obama's leader of the common man- messiah-chosen one- leader of the universe language. As I watch Fox News I see that the talking points against this speech are not coming in fast enough because Chris Wallace also said that it was incredible. Charles Krauthammer just said that the "brilliance of the political mind behind this is staggering." Bret Hume is blushing!!!! HAHAH. Overall if Fox can give this Hollywood blockbuster 4 stars I think it was a success.

P.S- that was only three minutes above- The rest is here if you missed it.

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