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Monday, August 11, 2008

Lets Talk About the Burgh...

With all of this Olympic talk I forgot about covering Pittsburgh news. I do consider this blog a Pittsburgh blog so lets begin. I have three things to let people know about:

1) New American Music Festival was sick. Hopefully this will be an American Eagle tradition because the vibe was great, and seeing that many young people out in Pittsburgh attending something "HIP" was great. The festival was very well run. You would think that it would be a disaster because of how the Works is set up, but it actually worked very well. They let people fill up water bottles instead of raping them on selling bottled water, and you could come and leave the festival at will allowing for people to go to bars, get food, or shop in between sets. I was in the Soffer (mastermind of the Works) VIP party (thanks Vern), so I did not actually go into venue, and I could not hear as well as people in the venue, but I saw enough to know that Gnarles Baerkley should have headlined. They tore that shit up. Dylan played mostly songs I did not know, and he was a slight let down as a headliner. The Racontuers rocked, and Spoon bored me. This was a great thing that I can only hope was a success and will continue every year. BTW I have had delusions for years of doing something like this after being frustrated on how much our city misses out on music festivals or even concerts. Its nice to see it happen.

2) Road Construction!!!! How bad does it suck in Pittsburgh. Penndott decides to do everything in the summer, so it makes our roads which are already difficult to navigate for visitors even more chaotic. The bad news is that local road and bridge projects are falling victim to soaring prices for energy and construction materials. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation officials have estimated they'll need to come up with an unbudgeted $9.2 million just in the local engineering district for automatic price adjustments built into highway construction contracts. PennDOT will make up the difference by delaying, modifying or canceling a like amount of future road and bridge projects, officials said. This means more headaches for us drivers. Fuckin Ey!!!! I am not even going near the piece of shit parkway East. Forget about it. Monroeville is dead to me.

3) Training camp for the Steelers started with two new quarterbacks today after Charlie Batch broke his collar bone in the game against Philly. The day began with two new quarterbacks in camp -- veterans Byron Leftwich and Daunte Culpepper, each of whom passed physicals in the morning in Pittsburgh and came to Saint Vincent College afterward to work out individually for the coaching staff. The day ended with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin receiving a call on his cell phone on the practice field, telling him that Leftwich, 28, had agreed to a one-year, $645,000 contract that included a $40,000 signing bonus. Not bad. Letwich lacks the hometown connection that Batch had, but is still a great number 2 QB. He played last year for Atlanta after five years with Jacksonville. Leftwich may play Thursday against Buffalo if he can learn enough in three days. They released wide reciever Gerran Walker and punter Mitch Berger to allow for Leftwich. They did not have to clear room for the return of nose tackle Casey Hampton -- only on the sidelines. He was taken off the physically unable to perform list and practiced for the first time since he reported to training camp 40 pounds overweight. What a fat ass!!! It is still uncertain wether Casey Hampton will be back Thursday. I hope to see Hampton. He is one of my favorites.

And there we go, back to the Olympics. I will aslo try to do a celebrity gossip type post to keep the work day interesting.

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