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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Medal Count...

Chins is pulling ahead in the medal race with a total of 8 medals six of which are gold. The United States have 8 total medals as well, but only 5 are gold. South Korea surprisingly is making a strong showing with 5 medals of which 3 are gold. South Korea performed very well in Archery. Meanwhile China is dominating Badminton, easily moving threw the brackets on top. China added to their medal count with wins in shooting, 3m synchronized springboard, weightlifting, and Judo. The US swimmers are doing well with one gold won by Phelps and 3 bronzes and a silver going to other members of the team. Off topic, did you know that many swimmers either masturbate or have sex before a race? I was a swimmer and I remember hearing that many Olympic swimmers do this because it relaxes them. There is some freaky shit going on in that cube. Also did anyone notice the smog during rowing? The athletes are rowing through early 2oth century Pittsburgh. Keep an eye out for Ryan Hall in the marathon. He is supposed to be incredible. Tennis will also start soon. Rafeal Nadal should tear shit up!

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