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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Now This is Just Ridiculous....

Apparently Big Foot was found in Georgia. Yeah and cellphones can pop corn kernels. Before we get to that I have to comment on the Chupakabra papped in Texas. Its a Coyote. Come on, that thing does not look like it could kill a Goat!? Regardless I have to post this new video of it on You Tube, because for some reason the person who posted it decided to use Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot as the music for the video. WTF?!?!? Watch it Here:

Now, back to Bigfoot. The Georgian Bigfoot hunters that run a Bigfoot tour business swear that the Deluxe Harry and the Henderson's Halloween costume that they have stuffed into their freezer somewhere in Atlanta is really a Bigfoot. Also, there is more where he came from, which they can conveniently take you to for a price! When they were dragging the 7 foot 500 pound costume out of the forest, more animals showed up to watch them. They claim these "Little feet" are part of a family which they have video footage of. WTF!!!!!!! Ladies and gentlemen CNN and Fox News have covered this story. I mean aren't the Olympics giving 24 hour news stations enough fodder to report on without resorting to Chupakabra and Big Foot stories? I have decided to live blog the news conference!!!!! Here we go:

12:00 p.m. : Nothing Yet - I will return when the press conference starts, or when I figure out that I may have already missed it.

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