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Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Update... Tyson Homosexual to Begin Quest for Olympics Gold

Women's Gymnastics once again made us hold our breadth last night. Are they shorting the US women in scoring? Are those Chinese 16? What the hell is Bella Karoly talking about? Anywhocares, The US got gold and silver in the women's All Around. Nastasia Liukin and Shawn Johnson went 1-2 pretty much dominating the gymnastics even with getting shorted on points. Many thought that there performances were near perfection, but they were not getting the scores that the Chinese were getting. I mean they did win so I don't know what there is to complain about.
The most important thing is the medal count. Are we winning? Well, Here's how it stands with Phelps winning another gold (needing 2 more to beat Spitz. He has one relay and one individual event left) and Nastasia heir to Gold winning her inevitable gold. US leads with total medals with 45 (14 G 13 S 18B), but China leads Gold medals with 26. They have a total of 41 medals (26 G 9S 6B).
Also keep an eye out for Track and Field. As Swimming and Gymnastics run their course, Track and Field will takeover as the big prime time event. World Champion Tyson "Homosexual" will run the 100 meter quarterfinals to day leading to a gig weekend showdown. Keep your eye on that. Also, at last Trampoline will start this weekend with the Men's final on Monday. Can't wait, best event ever!!!!!

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