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Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Olympics Are Coming, The Olympics Are Coming!!!

What will surely be the biggest disaster of an Olympics since the 70's, starts tomorrow. Already the Chinese government has bulldozed private housing to build stadium "for honor of great country", thrown random journalists in prison, made arbitrary arrests, and have run into problems with their Chinese to English translation for tourists. This all before NBC has run its first piece on an athlete's personal story with sappy piano music playing in the background.  I can only imagine the dearth of corruption in the judging sports. The U.S athletes will have to dig deep from within to win which will allow freedom to prevail!!! The 80's/ early 90's are really coming back because this Olympics is a dead ringer for that era's sports movies (American Anthem? Best of the Best?)

The shit storm/ utter chaos that may occur will be way better than any reality TV show that VH1 could master mind. Seeing the Chinese government deal with tourists and the inevitable liberal activist groups (not to mention terrorists) that make their  way into the country to use the Olympics as a stage for their human rights protests maybe more entertaining than Olympic Horse Dressage....maybe. I will try to do by best in covering the crowd favorite gold medal race, and any sport that that wouldn't normally see the light of prime time. (Of course ratings gold Rhythmic Gymnastics, and Synchronized Swimming will be blogged about to increase my reader base...sure). In all reality, be prepared for me to cover Ping-Pong, Badminton, and Trampoline (greatest Olympic sport ever). Actually, you will probably not hear another word about the Olympics in China out of this blog.

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