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Friday, August 15, 2008

Spitz v. Phelps Tomorrow...

Michael Phelps has tied Spitz's record for most Golds in an Olympics by barely winning the 100 meter Butterfly. Phelps won the race by 1 onehundreth of a second. The smallest possible margin you can win a race in swimming without getting the same time as another person. When I used to swim people would say that a 1 onehundreth is equal to a sheet of computer paper in thickness. So you can get the idea. Phelps took one extra stroke coming into the wall a half body length behind, which gave him the edge over the second place swimmer, who decided to stretch and glide into the wall. Got it? Phelps broke the Olympic record and won his seventh gold to equal Spitz. Michael Phelps will swim his last race tomorrow in the 400 Medley relay which the United States in favored to win. The old lady Dara Torress also made an appearance tonight qualifying in first place in the 50 Free. She will swim tomorrow in hopes of winning her first gold medal 26 years from her first Olympic appearance. Yeah I know. Shes doped up. Just kidding... Anyfreak, Janet Evans 19 year old record WAS broken in the 800 meter Free by British swimmer Rebecca Adlington, and Brazil ( Cesar Cielo Filho) won the men's 50 Freestyle forcing those French Shreks to second and third place.

Keep a watch for the worlds fastest man tomorrow. All three Americans have qualified for the final and they should battle it out against the Jamaicans. It will be a blaze fest. Zing!!!

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