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Monday, August 11, 2008

Stupid Frogs!!!

Last night had undoubtedly one of the greatest Olympics moments in sports history. (The video is above but I think NBC pulled it from you tube). If that doesn't work follow this link. The United States men's 4 x 100 Freestyle beat the reigning world champion French team by 8 one hundredths of a second. It came down to a touch finish with the United States catching and beating the French in the last 5 meters. The excitement and thrill of the race was everything NBC wishes for. The bad blood between both teams was a story in itself. The French had said that they were going to smash the U.S team doing what a wrecking ball does to a building. This only inspired the Americans (who broke the world record in the semifinals only to take out a swimmer and replace him with Phelps to allow Phelps to chase Spitz's record). The Americans trailed the French by 0.60 seconds in the final 50 metres. Heading to the wall for France was Alain Bernard, the world-record holder in the 100 freestyle, with American Jason Lezak (the oldest swimmer on the team) giving chase. Lezak not only caught Bernard but split the fastest ever recorded 100 meter at 46.06. The Americans were body lengths in front of the world record they previously set smashing with a time of 3 minutes 8.24 seconds. So the only smashing that went on with the Americans was the world record. That shut up the French and will make for a great 100 meter Freestyle with Bernard. If you haven't seen this race I would definitely try to catch it on the million replays that NBC will be playing. It is incredible and has everything that you want when watching a sporting event. Behind the one footed Kerri Shrugg vault, I don't think any Olympic moment can touch this in shear glory. It will forever be played over inspiring music. In other Olympic news the United States has 12 total medals only three of which are gold. China has 14 medals with 9 golds, and South Korea has 8 medals 4 golds (Archery cleaned up). Women's Gymnastics started last night and so did the drama. What is with this sport. I guess our team is injured or something, and so the story begins.

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