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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Video...

I am in the process of doing an Olympic round up of the top ten best moments of the Beijing games. I am not quit there yet, but decided that I had to do a Sunday post. I got distracted with watching the Breakfast Club on HBO. With the closing ceremonies, the spoiled brats in 3rd world country show, and a bunch of other crap on tonight, I am sure my posting for tomorrow will be some serious shit. For that reason I decided to post a video everyone can enjoy. I know the nineties are coming back hardcore. Neon colors and hats with the brims flipped up are becoming more and more common. Before you know it everyone is going to be dressing and living life like a Newport Cigarette ad from 1992 (Rollerblades and all). I am just waiting for Hypercolor to start popping up again (actually, American Apparel plans to offer Hypercolor T-shirts by the end of 2008, for fifty dollars no doubt- Can someone just blow that store up already?). No matter how hard it hits it can never equal the cultural iconography of the 1980's. And nothing represents that to me quit like this scene from the Breakfast Club. Enjoy. I only wish that I could be as cool as this video (I am being 100% non sarcastic. I am deadly serious).

I know that most people will be drawn to Molly Ringworm's totally awesome 80's dance moves, but Judd Nelson on that Rhino thing is absolutely priceless. Eat Shit!!!!!

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