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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


BEFORE              AND AFTER

I was just waiting for someone to acknowledge the fact that Aubrey O'Dey looks like a tranny-racoon-prostitute-pornstar. She was hot- now she is not. Unless you like that porn star tranny look. Finally it happened last night on Making the Band. Puff had a meeting were he asked Aubrey what she wants to look like. Aubrey came back and said all this junk of looking like a member of the band or whatever. Puff then asked her if she wanted to look like Pamela Anderson. She replied "no, I want to look like a tranny racoon clown!" Just kidding, it doesn't matter what she said, what matters is that Puff said what we are all thinking. He said Aubrey does not look like the girl that he put in the band. The girl that was on the first three seasons of the show. What we liked about Aubrey in the beginning is gone. What is left is a worn out pornstar on the level of todays Pamela Anderson but 30 years younger. Aubrey looks beat straight up. Too much fake shit and too much makeup. There is nothing appealing about her anymore. Get rid of her because there are hundreds of girls that can do what she does better, and her drag queen attitude is useless. Puff is her manager and she needs to realize that she works for him. If your boss doesn't like you looking like a clown and running around with pornstars to get attention, then you need to stop. Humpf...

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