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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Why Haven't I Seen Tropic Thunder????

For a movie described as highly offensive, attacking on all levels, making jokes at the expense of race, obesity and cognitive disabilities,  Tropic Thunder has somehow alluded by viewing this summer. After wasting 75 dollars on tickets, popcorn, and sour patch kids for Pineapple Express and the Dark Knight, I am deeply troubled that I let a movie like Tropic Thunder fall behind such mediocre entertainment. Pineapple Express was suppose to be some great stoner flick, and they didn't even manage to get one political group to complain about it. Tropic Thunder enraged the likes of Special Olympics, The Catholic Church, and The Disability Rights Coalition. Success!!! How have I not seen this? Timothy Shriver is calling for an out right banning of the movie with a calling of the entire Tropic Thunder team to stop showing the movie and pulling it from any theatres still showing it. WHAT? This is America right? This always gets me about the PC crowd. They are usually liberal and get on the religious right for wanting to push values on everyone, but the minute they are offended they cry bloody murder wanting everyone to censor offensive material. 

It is amazing to think that a movie will bread intolerance. It is just as bad as saying music or video games will create violence. Aggravate-maybe...but create- no. It is the parents job to censor movies, not the movie company. Shriver has gone as far as calling retarded the R-word equating it with the N-word. WTF!!! Retarded is a word usually used to make a joke and not thrown around to substitute for hate. Implying that it is somehow as bad as a word that represents hundreds of years of oppression and discrimination is irresponsible? What, should we not be allowed to say flame retardant? These are the people that lose elections for the Democrats. South Park and Family Guy consistently offend every person that they can think of offending. This is why they are successful and people like them. How in the hell can Timmy exist and Cartmen pretend he is retarded if Striver accomplishes what he wants? I urge everyone to go see Tropic Thunder multiple times. Laugh at Ben Stiller playing simple Jack ("Never go full retarded" may be one of the best lines ever in a movie and its not because it is making fun of retarded people. The joke is on Hollywood). Make it known that you think it is funny. If we don't have a sense of humor what do we have? How are we suppose to stay sane in this world without a sense of humor. This is an R rated movie aimed at adults. If adults cannot understand the humor and jokes in this movie and are coerced into being intolerant then they are fucking retards!!!!

And since I am already going to hell, does anyone have video of cognitively disabled people protesting the release of the movie? I doesn't hurt to ask, just saying...

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