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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just lost this really great post that I wrote about Sarah, Bristol , and Piper Palin. Basically it was about how at one time I thought that Piper Palin would grow up to do great things because of her obvious pleasure in being on stage and in the public eye. Then I saw her with a (fake) Louis Vouitton bag and with high heels on in the Today Show segment, to which I immediately altered said opinion. My new opinion was about how she will be Bristol 2.0 in the 2012 campaign causing more trouble by being sluttier and more Parasite Hiltonish. I swear, it was a very intelligent, Salonish.comish piece. I even had video of the Today Show with said heels. Well blogger went and fucked it up by erasing it instead of saving. I know its hard to keep the two straight (stupid blogger). So instead I am posting this incredible video Sarah Shaffer posted wrapping up the campaign on Best Week Ever. Pay special attention for Piper Palins appearance. Its no Heel or Loius Vouitituituitoooion, but it is just as awesome.

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