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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looks Like Just Enough Time Has Passed....Here Comes the Hate!

Western Pennsylvania pulled through and overwhelmingly elected Barack Obama, even though they were accused of being "racist", "redneck", and clingful of their god and guns. Well....don't get to excited about the whole Obama support thing. Western PA still wants you to know they really know how to HATE!!!

In Greenville, Mercer County a black family named the Whitesides (I know) was congratulated by their racist caucasian neighbors with a fireball in their Dodge Intrepids gas tank. The fire ball blew up their car and almost spread to their house before old man Whiteside was able to put it out. If there is any doubt this was a racist attack based in hate let me tell you this. The fireball started during Obama's exceptance speech, and the name Obama was spray painted all over the car. NICE!! Not to be out done, Forest Hills, PA also wants everyone to know they are still full of hate. There, a black man found a note on his car that said, "Obama may have won, but you and your house are still in danger."

I find this all so amusing. John Murtha nearly lost his seat in the House of Represenatives because he said this area of PA was racist. Obama had his comments, and was chastized for them too. Now since the election is over and the Republicnas are now admitting that Palin was just as stupid and under qualified as we all thought, can we now all admit that Murtha was right that blue collar America is/was racist? It won't even cost you the election

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