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Monday, November 17, 2008

Pittsburgh "Takes Over" the Hills...Sort of...

Don't you dare sink your boring claws into my city, Hills... Don't you dare. Pittsburgh got a couple of shout outs on the Hills last night, bringing more entertainment to the show than any grimace that Lauren could muster up. First off, Audrina mentioned her shitfest of a movie that was filmed in Pittsburgh on the Aftershow. Yes... I was going to waste a post talking about the filming of this movie on he Northside, but decided against it because I don't consider a Sorority horror movie with Potato Head Willis and Audrina Patridge something to be excited about even if it was filmed in the Burg.

Also on the after show they had one of the web cam-loser fans located in Pittsburgh. London, New York , LA, and....Pittsburgh. Take what you want from this, but any inclusion of Pittsburgh with real cities is a good thing.

Most importantly, the Takeover UK was featured as a "Playing Now," band with Ah La La. After years, the Takeover UK is slowing making its way into pop culture, and being from Pittsburgh, this was the most exciting thing about the episode. I know these guys and wish the best for them. I had their first single on a burned CD, and can't help be excited to hear them used on the Hills to prep an Audrina/ Bobby - Justin eyeball scene. Niiice. I've watched Girl Talk rise up through the ranks of the MTV world, and I can only hope to see the same thing with The Takeover UK. I remember when I got the first Girl Talk "boom-bip" sample and thought about how this guy could get huge. It was the same thing I thought hearing the Takeover UK promo. I tried to catch the UK at most of their Burg shows for a while, but I lost track of them when I went to law school. No worries, during law school I was reminded daily of the band by the Takeover UK sticker that someone vandalized the Appellate Practice  bulletin board with. I thank that person because without them I would not have been entertained the slightest tonight watching the Hills!!!

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