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Monday, December 29, 2008

The City Could Be the Nail in Lauren Conrad's Coffin...

The Hills spin-offs made their irrelevant debut tonight and of course I watched them. I have no control just like a cutter bringing pain to themselves for some subliminal mental issue, I to cause injury to my pysche purposefuly, only using trash TV instead. 

Bromance was a weird pledging fraternity mess. I am interested to see how much MTV will push the "gay" irony of the show. It could be pretty entertaining considering the only homo on the show left the first episode because finding "Bromance" was too testosterone driven. I doubt I will do anything more than occasionally catch bits and peices of this show during the commercials of something better on the weekend. I am a bit impressed with how serious Brody Jenner takes himself and the show. I mean come on, does he at all see how ridiculous his and the show's existence is?

On to the City, which is surprising really good. It will be interesting to see how the traditionally mean spirited Manhattan know it all Gawker will take the show. I am sure they will be sarcastic and dismissive, but The City is not quit as "dead behind the eyes" as the Hills, and I think that they will be slightly confused by it.

For starters Whitney is surprisingly well spoken and real. What the Hills lacked The City is chalk full of. The conversations are not hollow and empty. They are actually real and interesting. People interact like humans not empty organic bodies. So far, people have said more and done more than a full season of its bastard step child in LA. Maybe it says something about New York in general. There is so much more to life in that city than LA. People are living, experiencing, and interacting on such a higher level that MTV can't manipulate them the same way they can on the west coast. Don't get me wrong there is still a lot to get nauseous over, but for the most part Whitney is such a more likable person than Lauren, and New York is somuch cooler than LA, that the show works really well and is much easier to watch.

I like the fact that two years ago Olivia, the socialite ("So-sh"), would have been a character that people envied and aspired to be, but with the quick change of economic environment, she actually now comes across as desperate and shallow. Imagine that, socialites getting the side eye. Something good finally came out of this recession. 

I can only hope that the content and substance of The City convinces everyone that they have been hoodwinked by The Hills and Lauren Conrad. I am sure that LC has already noticed this and it will only be time before we see blog items insinuating things aren't good between Whitney and Lauren. Poor Lauren will become as meaningless and useless as she has always been when everyone realizes Whitney is far more interesting and likable. As The City pushes The Hills down the steel stairs, The Hills "characters" will become more and more desperate. We will undoubtedly see more crap like "Bromance" and only Satan himself can conceive what Spencer and Heidi will do to keep them Z-list enough to land an US Weekly cover. Who knows they may be forced to settle for the corner of a Star cover. GASP!!!!

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