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Monday, December 22, 2008

Please Forgive Me For a Hills Post

So the Baron waste land of silence and non-events known as the Hills once again came to its anti-climatic season's close. Can you believe this show has had multiple seasons? Its like one extra long season where nothing has happened. If Spencer and Heidi were not on this show there would seriously be no plot, no story, no nothing. Just waifish ghosts gliding in front of a camera staring at each other in silence. Not that its any different now.

The season ended with Justin Bobby kind of asking Adriana to be his girlfriend or something, Lauren talking but not talking to Heidi, and Heidi not marrying Spencer. I know, compelling stuff. One thing I have to bring up was the non conversation between Lauren and Heidi. For once, a awkward boring social interaction Lauren had with someone made sense to me. By saying nothing, Lauren said the most she ever has said in the whole existence of...well herself.

Lauren and Heidi "interacted" at one of Heidi's work parties. Lauren asked Hedi if she was happy and said that if she was, that is all that is important. She said she missed her and made it clear that if Heidi ever needed her she would be there for her. It was clear that Lauren and Heidi new exactly where they stood. Lauren cares about Heidi and they both would like to be friends, but there would be no point in trying. Lauren knows Heidi has chosen Spencer over everyone in her life. She has chosen Spencer over her mom. Lauren doesn't have a chance at friendship. She cares about Heidi and would like to have something, but it is what it is and can't be anything else, so why try. 

I think it was the best scene I have ever seen on the Hills and actually for a second made the show seem like the awfullness was purposeful. It almost appeared that the show tries to tell a story by not telling it. Then I realized the scene, just by luck, turned out the way it did and the show really is the biggest waste of time, piece of shit, that I have ever destroyed a half hour on. 

And to only make that last sentence worse MTV has created two spin offs of this show. To think that there could possibly be enough content and substance from this non-show to create two more, is finally spitting in the face of the viewers MTV has so willing hood winked for the last three years. 

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