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Monday, December 22, 2008

Table Games in the Burgh???

People have barely learned how to play Little Green Men and there is already a Bill being brought to the legislature legalizing table games. Hell, the North Shore Casino doesn't even have plumbing or a roof and Pennsylvania is already saying slot machines aren't going to be the money miracle everyone thought they would be. 

Rep. Tim Solobay of Canonsburg said yesterday that he and House Democratic Whip Bill DeWeese of Waynesburg are crafting legislation for 2009 to permit table games at Pennsylvania's 14 authorized casinos and also to permit licensed liquor establishments, such as bars, taverns and private ethnic and fraternal clubs, to have up to six slot machines each. So basically they want to turn Pennsylvania into Weirton West Virginia. Where do we sign!!!!! Mr. DeWeese has for several years been pushing to add table games, such as poker, dice and blackjack, to the slot machines already authorized at Pennsylvania casinos.

Mr. Solobay said the Legislature should do something for smaller bars, many of which are suffering from the state's new anti-smoking law and from the current recession. He said that while many "VFWs, American Legions and mom and pop taverns" have video machines that can legally be used only for "amusement purposes,"' (HAHAHAHAHAHAH right....) they should be able to add a small number -- he suggested six -- of video poker and other slot machines for gambling.

What a mess!!! Lets fix the the public's health with an anti-smoking ban, then help the bars who were hurt with degenerative gambling addiction. Replacing one addiction with another always works!!! These anti-smoking/ drink tax/ public transit funding/ gambling laws are just one giant cluster fuck akin to the state government chasing its own tail. I think these people just want to complete Pittsburgh's inevitable transformation into every other former steel town that is dragged down with an aging population stagnant economy. At the rate we are going Pittsburgh is going to be a perfect mix of Zanesville Ohio and Wheeling West Virginia. Who I am I kidding, I would be the first one in line if we got table games. Further, I would try to open as many cafes as I could just to get six slot machines to extract whatever money is left from the city once that disaster on the North Shore limps through the finish line.

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