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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Joaquin Phoinex is Stupid....

So Joaquin Phoenix has been running around telling people he is retiring from acting and becoming a rapper. After nearly winning an Oscar, Phoenix has grown a beard and stopped bathing attempting to let the world know that he is over all of "it" while at the same time get publicity and attention. So, most people with a mind have called shenanigans on Phoenix saying this is all some sort of publicity stunt/performance art/ Kaufmanesque joke. Whatever it is, it is a major FAIL. The irony is lost, he is not funny, and his rapping sucks. He just looks like an elitist Hollywood actor trying to make everyone seems they are not good enough for the joke....if there is one.

Phoenix was on Letterman last night and made this whole thing even more complicated. I questioned whether this is a joke. Maybe he really has gone insane. Whatever is going on Letterman did what he does best; make celebrities look stupid. I am not a Letterman fan, but I do love when he has on stupid celebrities and completely calls them on their shit in his own way. Paris Hilton, LC, Madonna, Dave is great at embarrassing people that deserve it, and last night was no different. Watch and let me know what you think.

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