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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

STUMPS!!! The Senior Citizen Dog Takes Westminster!!!

Damn, Stumps the Sussex Spaniel won best at show at the Westminster dog show today proving that age don't mean shit!!! Stumps beat down those bitches after over coming a premature retirement, disease, ailments, and a general consensus that his career was over. Man call this dog Mickey Rouke because he just pulled a page out off The Wrestler and revitalized his career. In a world where youth means everything and your career can be over by 5 years old Stumps triumphed when others would have faltered. Stumps slowing made it around the ring slobbering the whole way letting his old age show. As the other dogs zipped around the show floor, Stumps slowly lumbered last in line breathing like he just finished an all you can eat Beneful buffet. It didn't matter because Stumps pulled it out proving that Micket Rouke isn't the only washed up celebrity that has one more championship in the ring!!!!

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