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Thursday, February 19, 2009


This video is bizarre on a level only the Internet could understand. I will briefly point out why it is awesome:

* The guys look funny- now I know that is shallow, but come on lets be honest. They are deformed and when they dance it looks funny
* The dancing is awesome. The pelvic thrusts, body vibrations, the spins, the jumps, the "I am so into it" look on their faces.
* They are actually kind of talented. The more you watch it, the more you realize that they are actually kind of talented and if they were not trapped in the bodies they have they could actually dance really well.
* WTF- what they hell is going on. The Where, Who, and WHY abstraction of this surrealist mess leaves you wanting more
* Its foreign. Anything that is foreign is always awesome. The cultural mistranslation always gives you something that is worth wasting time on.
* The normal, if not abnormally long arms on the one guy are kind of mesmerizing...

* Lastly, did I mention they are deformed and dancing funny?

AND ONE MORE FOR ALL YOU HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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