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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Can't live for tomorrow, tomorrows much too long. The Pittsburgh Steelers have won their sixth Superbowl title tonight beating the Arizona Cardinals in one of the best heart stopping games in NFL history. Santonio Holmes was named MVP after catching the winning touchdown pass in the last 40 seconds with his toes touching the back corner of the end zone. 

It was everything you could ask for as a Pittsburgh life long resident. It was full of incredible plays, ups, downs, and excitement. It may have been the greatest Superbowl ever. The Steelers now have more Superbowl wins than any other franchise, and may be the best NFL franchise ever. You cannot blog about what it feels like to be in Pittsburgh right now.

I watched the game in the city, and after the game the streets flooded with crazy Yinzers creating a river of Black and Gold celebration. People were cheering and chanting along with the police sirens, waiving terrible towels, hugging strangers, and slapping high sixes.

On the way home every neighborhood you drove through (and there are alot in Pittsburgh) had people honking their horns and people on streets corners sharing the collective PIttsburgh pride. Like I have said before only a Pittsburgher understands what the Steelers are and what they mean to the city. It is tradition, unity, heritage, and the air we breath. It is bread into the genes of every person who spends any time here. You could go anywhere in the world and find anther person from PIttsburgh, and know that you have a special bond to them because of the Steelers. There is no other professional sports team that can create a bond like that.

Just like the Obama win, there is a picture slide show (I saw it on KDKA after the game) out there I am trying to find of people all over the world celebrating the Pittsburgh win. India, Africa, Japan, and France all have people waiving terrible towels. If you don't get it now you never will. Thanks Steelers, you make us proud and our city worth living in!!!!! You will give our city the most press we have had in three (since the last win in 2006) over the next week. See you at the parade.

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