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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Its about Moral Character!!!

UPDATE : YOU HAVE TO GO TO LUANN'S BLOG!!!! FUNNIEST SHIT EVER!! I don't see anything about making fun of another person's eyes because they said your husband looks 60 in front of your children.

The Real House Wifes of New York threw their collectives hats into the worst people ever hat tonight. This episode muddled in the "manners" theme began last week. Countess Luan became the heavy favorite for horrible person. She picked up where she left off last week telling everyone about how to act and proper etiquette. My favorite non-intetional irony of the episode was the argument/ discussion/ awful people behavior that took place at the American Cancer Society. As the cunts were preparing the food they started talking about nonsense. As they dwelled on meaningless garbage such as dating Ramona told Luan her husband looked old. This made the countess act like the most dignified sophisticated women ever to classy class. Needless to say all of them behaved worse than a tech school drop out from McKeesrocks. It was just great how they were all wrapped up in "proper etiquette" nonsense while a bald women dying of cancer was running circles around them preparing for the benefit. As these horrible people bickered about things meaningless in the larger picture of life, a women with months to live was trying to make a cancer benefit successful. Its is just too easy. These women wouldn't know proper if it shit in their face.

If there is anything to learn from these wastes of life, it is that the people who think they are right the most and act like they know what is proper are usually the people that know the least. Luann is on the level of a 10 spot VH1 show when it comes to class. Her fake indignation over her husbands age is laughable for a women who is writing a book on how to act. The reaction was on the level of Tamra's "its about moral character." Its pretty bad when in a episode Ramona ends up being the most likable. Her crazy eyes have more class than all of those other Paxil bitches put together. Anyhotflash, these women are stupid and I can't believe I waste a spot on my DVR for this shit show mess. If it was on Wednesday's it wouldn't have a chance. Hey, give me a break, Lost was a repeat this week.

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