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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Its that time in the blogosphere!!! Its time to hate on everyones least favorite Mormon! Or atleast one of everyones least favorite Mormons... Real World Chet or as I like to call him: Chester the Fester. Chet and his stupid glasses pursued his shallow dream of becoming one of those hollow fake MTV minions known as Vjays. It is a dying bread, but apparently there is still a place for them on MTV. It is somewhere between girls getting drunk stripping down to their underwear to pee in public, and young adults talking to their parents about how sluty and self respectless they are. Perfect place for a Mormon! Especially an arrogant mean spirited one!

Chet was up to his usual horribleness this week shamelessly self promoting himself and marching around letting everyone know how great he is and how much he knows about everything. He also reminded everyone how ignorant and vile he is by conning Catyln (or Katyln... not sure) into believeing he wanted to learn more about her transgendered life only to use it against her later on in humiliating her and generally tormenting her highschool style. This is what I hate about Chet. His conceit and arrogance manifest itself in not only constant inflating of his ego, but in also degrading and bullying other people. You can see this deep deep violence that is hidden in him disguised by unnatural confidence and "style." He has not talked much about his religion, but I think his awfulness has everything to do with it.

This brings me to our plan on battling this "thing". The people who have to deal with him need to use his own weapons against him. If I were Catyln ( thank god I am not) I would have turned the tables on him and interrogated him on his religion and all the stupidity that goes along with it. When Chet kept asking about Catyln's dilating device, I would have asked him about his sacred undergarments. Where are they Chet? Wouldn't it be funny if someone hung them over a room mate as they slept? When he asked what it was like to wake up without a penis? I would have asked what is it like to wake up knowing you follow a religion started by a conman who fooled people into believing he found gold plates with the book of Mormon written on them (dumb dumb dumb dumb). Chet needs to be humiliated and his religion is the perfect opportunity. The kid is obsessed with sex and celebrities. What kind of loser wastes time on that?....(collar pull). 

So everyone, vent, scream, yell, type in all caps in the comments. Let me know your thoughts and general opinion about Chet. Lets combine our pathetic power and use it for something good; tearing down a person that has done nothing to us. Well, he actually has because I can never wear a scarf or skinny jeans again because of this monster tool. If Chet is good for anything, it is as a contestant on the next season of Tool Academy: Mormon Tool. 

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