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Friday, March 13, 2009

Pittsburgh v. McDonalds...

The ongoing dispute between the Allegheny County Attorney General Stephen Zappala and McDonalds has been resolved. Zappala has been targeting three downtown Pittsburgh McDonalds for drug activity. Undercover police officer have been conducting drug transactions at the Smithfield street Micky D's and even arrested a manager for selling prescription drugs. Zappala wanted McDonalds to do more to stop the activity or he would go forward with declaring them nuisance properties. It would have been the first McDonalds declared a nuisance in the country.

Well McDonalds has decided to pay for surveillance and added security to prevent the AG from taking action. I understand that I wasted an opportunity for some major fun with puns on this post, but I just couldn't bring myself to go there. I walk past these McDonalds almost everyday while working downtown and let me tell you, we don't need the city to declare them a nuisance. I think everyone knows all about downtown McDonalds. If you are going inside, you are either buying drugs, or giving a blow job in the bathroom (after you purchase a small fries of course). Everyone in those dumps are hot messes. There are usually a half dozen crackheads, a few tranny hookers, a dealer, and a Schizo homeless lady. Downtown Micky D's are the dirtiest place in every city. Let them be. Excuse their beauty!!!! Is nothing sacred anymore?

We like are Down town Dirty Brown D's the way they are Mr. Zappala! I think I would be more shocked if I didn't see illegal activity inside than if I did. You can lead a whore to a clinic, but you can't make her go in....or something like that.

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