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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey Stupid Ashley Todd...This is How You Get People Excited to Vote!!!

This is by far the highlight of this years election. When I see things like this it makes me get excited about the political system. Screw Obama's half hour TV spot, or McCain's shameless distortion of  Mr. Clean (Joe the Plumber). These kids have the excitement and fun that voting should be all about. This is the Atlanta Boys and Girls Youth Choir doing their incredible remix of T.I.'s Whatever You Like. The choir put their own spin on the song singing "You Can Vote However You Like." Pay attention to the words. Not only do you get educated in each candidates platforms, but you get to hear lyrics like "I want Obama stick with McCain and you'll have drama!" The best part is that the performance is completely bi-partisan with a West Side Story esq back and forth. This has made the agony of mind numbing political discourse a little more tolerable. Something as simple as a bunch of kids singing has made me rededicated to the political system. No candidate can get people interested in politics and excited about voting like these kids do. Enjoy!

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