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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When Words Have Lost Their Ability to Make You Feel Turn to Music!!!

This whole Obama son of Kansas women and man from Kenya as leader of the free world thing is just as indescribable to me today as it was last night. The sheer hope, excited, and absolute admiration that I have for my country is at a level that I have never experienced in my life. This proves to me that America really is the greatest country in the world, and for once I don't give a shit whether I am offending Europeans when I say that!! We come back harder than ever when you put us down, and we create new bright light just when you think are bulb is burnt.

I have been reading so many linguistic attempts at explaining how people feel on the blogs today that words are beginning to loose their ability to express. Well... at least for me. So what I have decided to do is post the top 5 Obama music videos/ songs that capture what some people are saying around the net. Please comment and give me your thoughts on a good song to mix with Obama celebration videos!!

Coldplay: Viva La Vida/ Fix You- People need make a Obama video of his campaign and win medley to these songs stat!!!!!!!!!!

JOHN LENNON- IMAGINE- What this song makes you feel and represents is a hope and belief in a place and time when everyone together celebrates and hopes for unity and greatness for all. When millions of people all over the world celebrate for new time when all people can prosper and live happily. What John Lennon was singing about in that song was what we experienced and saw last night when Obama was announced winner and gave his speech. Incredible!!!

ARCADE FIRE- No Cars Go- Come on do I need to explain this one??(sorry about quality wanted the video from a rally)

OLD TIME- Obama supporters- This video perfectly represents the grass roots bottom up people of all back rounds coming together to celebrate and work to get this incredible man elected and produce
this momentous time in history!

LOVE GENERATION- Bob Sinclair ( or World Hold On which I put above) I figured a dance song about what this movement represents and how the world feels right now is fitting. World Hold on would have worked for the campaign as people were mobilizing to elect Obama

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