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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MY BEST OF 2008 List!!!

Its that time of the year again...the end. 2008 is coming to an end. I have graduated from law school been admitted as a lawyer in Pennsylvania and have come leaps forward in becoming a married man. Yes 2008 has majorly changed me. I have gone from having little to no responsibility to having serious stress fueled responsibility. Sucks... So here is my list of things I thought of in the last ten minutes as the best of 2008, so this really has no thought put into it and could change at any moment. Basically it is the best most important list you should read.

BEST BLOG: The Secret Art of Snark. Come on, would it be anything else? NO! Honorable mentions are Dlisted, FAIL, and Best Week Ever.

BEST ALBUM: M83 Saturdays=Flowers. Any music that invoke such an emotional response when the music is not telling you what to feel, is something incredible. This album reminds me of Donnie Darko for some reason. Don't ask. Just buy it. Honorable mention - Cut Copy

MOST OVER RATED ALBUM: Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes. I just don't see what the fuss is about. The melodies are good, but I don't see this being any better than the rest of the folky beach boys inspired 60's atmospheric music that has been having a major resurgence in indie rock lately. Sorry...

BIGGEST SPLASH IN POP CULTURE: This award goes to someone, something, or basically any noun that has become huge in pop culture making its mark in a way that we will never forget. Its something that made great strides in popular culture establishing itself as a person place or thing to be reckoned with. For 2008 it is TRANNIES!!! Trannies have been everywhere. There presence was felt so strongly in 2008 that even women are picking up on their look and trends mimicking their hotness. Aubrey Odey, Kim Kardashian, and Tyra Banks are leading the movement. We saw trannies all over reality TV and even saw one become the mayor of a town. It looks like 2009 will be another great year for then with the Real World jumping on the band wagon after Puffy's show and Top Model. To Trannies!!!

BEST REALTY TV MOMENT: This is without a doubt the hardest award to give and there were so many it is really impossible to come up with the best as in entertainment value. I am going with my personal favorite. Unfortunately there is no video on the net, so try to think of this genius moment. It was when Vicki from the Real Housewives of Orange County was smashed in the face with a football on a boat at Lake Havasu. just picture her doing her stupid screaming thing when a foot ball comes flying onto the screen an nails her in the face.... awesome...

MOST INSANE ENTERTAINING CRIMINAL: There was OJ Simpson, The Santa Flame Thrower murderer, and money flushing down the toileter Bernard Madoff. I am going with Casey Anthony on this one because the sheer idiocy of this lying dumb bitch just continues on and on. After coming up with lie after lie when confronted with why she didn't report her daughter missing after a month, we come to find out stupid Casey searched the Internet for the 100th episode of One Tree Hill. Why you ask? Well because the 100th episode of that show was about a baby being kidnapped by her nanny (no not Zanni the Nanny...I know) and being held in an apartment somewhere. The fact that Casey Anthony tried to come up with an Alibi by using a plot line from one of the most ridiculous unrealistic teen dramas gives us a glimpse of how insane she is. I would not be surprised if she tries some Days of Our Lives shit and blames all of this on Steffano Demira or argues Little Callie is coming back from the dead and it was her unknown twin that died.

BEST SHOW OF 2008: TRUE BLOOD. I struggled over this. I liked Summer Heights High and Damages, 30 Rock , and Gossip Girl ( don't judge), but True Blood was the most refreshing change of pace and has that incredible normal closest thing to real life feel that Alan Ball does so well all while being deeply rooted in fantasy. It also does a great job of translating pretty crappy books into great television.

BEST FAIL OF 2008: SARAH PALIN. need I say more?

BEST WIN OF 2008: Barak Obama. Same

Monday, December 29, 2008

The City Could Be the Nail in Lauren Conrad's Coffin...

The Hills spin-offs made their irrelevant debut tonight and of course I watched them. I have no control just like a cutter bringing pain to themselves for some subliminal mental issue, I to cause injury to my pysche purposefuly, only using trash TV instead. 

Bromance was a weird pledging fraternity mess. I am interested to see how much MTV will push the "gay" irony of the show. It could be pretty entertaining considering the only homo on the show left the first episode because finding "Bromance" was too testosterone driven. I doubt I will do anything more than occasionally catch bits and peices of this show during the commercials of something better on the weekend. I am a bit impressed with how serious Brody Jenner takes himself and the show. I mean come on, does he at all see how ridiculous his and the show's existence is?

On to the City, which is surprising really good. It will be interesting to see how the traditionally mean spirited Manhattan know it all Gawker will take the show. I am sure they will be sarcastic and dismissive, but The City is not quit as "dead behind the eyes" as the Hills, and I think that they will be slightly confused by it.

For starters Whitney is surprisingly well spoken and real. What the Hills lacked The City is chalk full of. The conversations are not hollow and empty. They are actually real and interesting. People interact like humans not empty organic bodies. So far, people have said more and done more than a full season of its bastard step child in LA. Maybe it says something about New York in general. There is so much more to life in that city than LA. People are living, experiencing, and interacting on such a higher level that MTV can't manipulate them the same way they can on the west coast. Don't get me wrong there is still a lot to get nauseous over, but for the most part Whitney is such a more likable person than Lauren, and New York is somuch cooler than LA, that the show works really well and is much easier to watch.

I like the fact that two years ago Olivia, the socialite ("So-sh"), would have been a character that people envied and aspired to be, but with the quick change of economic environment, she actually now comes across as desperate and shallow. Imagine that, socialites getting the side eye. Something good finally came out of this recession. 

I can only hope that the content and substance of The City convinces everyone that they have been hoodwinked by The Hills and Lauren Conrad. I am sure that LC has already noticed this and it will only be time before we see blog items insinuating things aren't good between Whitney and Lauren. Poor Lauren will become as meaningless and useless as she has always been when everyone realizes Whitney is far more interesting and likable. As The City pushes The Hills down the steel stairs, The Hills "characters" will become more and more desperate. We will undoubtedly see more crap like "Bromance" and only Satan himself can conceive what Spencer and Heidi will do to keep them Z-list enough to land an US Weekly cover. Who knows they may be forced to settle for the corner of a Star cover. GASP!!!!

2008 Mashup Video by Dj Earthworm

It is closely approaching the end of 2008. It has been a great year for good music (cut copy, M83) but an only mediocre one for pop music. Above is a video/ mash up of all the songs from 2008 that were in the top 25 created by San Francisco artist Dj Earthworm. Its no Girl Talk, but worth the listen. I have been looking for the Mp3 download because i think that it would be cool to play at a party or before going out for the night. Anyone who has access to the MP3 let me know. Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks

Below is last years mix from 2007. I think I like this years better. The Viva la Vida theme works pretty good.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Table Games in the Burgh???

People have barely learned how to play Little Green Men and there is already a Bill being brought to the legislature legalizing table games. Hell, the North Shore Casino doesn't even have plumbing or a roof and Pennsylvania is already saying slot machines aren't going to be the money miracle everyone thought they would be. 

Rep. Tim Solobay of Canonsburg said yesterday that he and House Democratic Whip Bill DeWeese of Waynesburg are crafting legislation for 2009 to permit table games at Pennsylvania's 14 authorized casinos and also to permit licensed liquor establishments, such as bars, taverns and private ethnic and fraternal clubs, to have up to six slot machines each. So basically they want to turn Pennsylvania into Weirton West Virginia. Where do we sign!!!!! Mr. DeWeese has for several years been pushing to add table games, such as poker, dice and blackjack, to the slot machines already authorized at Pennsylvania casinos.

Mr. Solobay said the Legislature should do something for smaller bars, many of which are suffering from the state's new anti-smoking law and from the current recession. He said that while many "VFWs, American Legions and mom and pop taverns" have video machines that can legally be used only for "amusement purposes,"' (HAHAHAHAHAHAH right....) they should be able to add a small number -- he suggested six -- of video poker and other slot machines for gambling.

What a mess!!! Lets fix the the public's health with an anti-smoking ban, then help the bars who were hurt with degenerative gambling addiction. Replacing one addiction with another always works!!! These anti-smoking/ drink tax/ public transit funding/ gambling laws are just one giant cluster fuck akin to the state government chasing its own tail. I think these people just want to complete Pittsburgh's inevitable transformation into every other former steel town that is dragged down with an aging population stagnant economy. At the rate we are going Pittsburgh is going to be a perfect mix of Zanesville Ohio and Wheeling West Virginia. Who I am I kidding, I would be the first one in line if we got table games. Further, I would try to open as many cafes as I could just to get six slot machines to extract whatever money is left from the city once that disaster on the North Shore limps through the finish line.

Please Forgive Me For a Hills Post

So the Baron waste land of silence and non-events known as the Hills once again came to its anti-climatic season's close. Can you believe this show has had multiple seasons? Its like one extra long season where nothing has happened. If Spencer and Heidi were not on this show there would seriously be no plot, no story, no nothing. Just waifish ghosts gliding in front of a camera staring at each other in silence. Not that its any different now.

The season ended with Justin Bobby kind of asking Adriana to be his girlfriend or something, Lauren talking but not talking to Heidi, and Heidi not marrying Spencer. I know, compelling stuff. One thing I have to bring up was the non conversation between Lauren and Heidi. For once, a awkward boring social interaction Lauren had with someone made sense to me. By saying nothing, Lauren said the most she ever has said in the whole existence of...well herself.

Lauren and Heidi "interacted" at one of Heidi's work parties. Lauren asked Hedi if she was happy and said that if she was, that is all that is important. She said she missed her and made it clear that if Heidi ever needed her she would be there for her. It was clear that Lauren and Heidi new exactly where they stood. Lauren cares about Heidi and they both would like to be friends, but there would be no point in trying. Lauren knows Heidi has chosen Spencer over everyone in her life. She has chosen Spencer over her mom. Lauren doesn't have a chance at friendship. She cares about Heidi and would like to have something, but it is what it is and can't be anything else, so why try. 

I think it was the best scene I have ever seen on the Hills and actually for a second made the show seem like the awfullness was purposeful. It almost appeared that the show tries to tell a story by not telling it. Then I realized the scene, just by luck, turned out the way it did and the show really is the biggest waste of time, piece of shit, that I have ever destroyed a half hour on. 

And to only make that last sentence worse MTV has created two spin offs of this show. To think that there could possibly be enough content and substance from this non-show to create two more, is finally spitting in the face of the viewers MTV has so willing hood winked for the last three years. 

Fake Thundercats Trailer....Nerd Alert!!!

The Internets released a CGI enhanced Thundercats trailer with Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, and Vin Diesel digitally enhanced to look like gay cat heroes. Its not really my thing because its a little too um how do I say ...nerdy. You know, not normal nerdy, but "paralyzed socially" nerdy. The video was made by the "high school quarterback" and the coolest kids in school no doubt. If the fact that this Lycra feline fantasy Thundercats trailer took over a year to make doesn't give you an idea of who the people are that made it, the fact that Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, and Vin Diesel were chosen to be the stars should. And I am not insinuating that they are Ranga Homos. Just really dorky people who wish they were Brad Pitt from Troy.

The video is made up of scenes from other movies the actors are were in mixed with some Thundercats lingo and that "snarf snarf" cat. The CGI on the faces of the actors is quit impressive if you get a hard on for Green Lantern. I kid I kid. The video is fun to watch, but way more fun to make fun of. In all seriousness its really really cool. Really Really cool....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Price Is Right....Exactly Right....

There are few shows that rank in awesomeness quit like The Prices Right. Whether it is Prime Time Prices with its incredible prizes, people falling down, Plinko, compilation videos of girls "coming on down", really bad bids, or really good bids, Prices Right Will always be entertaining and a favorite thing for people who like the lulz, like the lol, and like "the getting blazed before noon."

Today we were presented an early Christmas gift with a classic Price is Right moment when an old man got a perfect bid not once, but twice with one of the bids being the showcase showdown. Yes, the first time since 1972 someone has gotten the bid on their showcase show down perfectly correct. His childhood love interest, who he was separated from during a life of poverty and crime in the ghetto, was waiting for him outside after the producers interrogated him on cheating. (I guess I had to make the inevitable reference to Slum Dog Millionaire since I know everyone else must have as well). 

This momentous occurrence was nearly ruined by Drew Carey's incredible ineptitude in hosting the show. He doesn't have to do much, the audience pretty much does his job for him, but regardless Mr. Carey nearly sucks all the excitement out of every awesome moment. After it was revealed that the old dude bid exactly right on the showcase show down, Drew Carey FAILED horribly at responding. I couldn't help to think how awesome it would have been if Bob Barker was the host or what it was like in the seventies when everyone was drunk or stoned on TV.

Here is what I heard in my head when I watched Drew Carey's performance during this classic moment:

Another Best of 2008

I have talked about music (Bloc Party/ TVOTR) and videos (MIA BURAKA SOM SISTEMA) not I am adding TV to the mix. I am nominating/ deciding that Sunday night TV more specifically True Blood and Summer Heights High are the best TV of 2008.

I know that True Blood is based on the Sookie Stackhouse books and Summer Heights High was already on in Australia, but 2008 is when Americans audiences was treated to ground breaking entertainment. The two shows are completely different, but both highly addictive and entertaining. I thank Summer Heights High for introducing me to the term Ranga ( Orangutan slang for a Ginger) and Ranga Homo as a more pointed insult. I thank True Blood for introducing me to Anna Paquins boobs and Deep South Vampires. BTW I read all the books and this show is capable of going in crazy directions the next season ( werewolfs, werepanthers, orgies, and anti-vampire terrorists... and just wait till you see what hurricane Katrina does to vampire politics). 

So lets all toast to Miss Annabel Dixon and Miss Sookie Stackhouse for making the tail end of 2008 a little less mind numbing!!!

And to hold you over till next season here is a scene from the pilot of True blood with a character that was taken out when it aired on MTV. SPOILER!!!!!!!!! That women in the blue dress is Sookies Fairy Godmother.


So Silent Alarm was without a doubt one of the best albums of the 21st century. It was the soundtrack to many peoples "hip" life, and broke new ground in music. I remember hearing the album around the same time MIA Arular came out. I thought to myself that these are two musical artists recreating what is capable with sound. I hadn't been excited about music like I was in 2004/2005 in a long time. Ad the Knife- Heartbeats to that and I was on cloud nine.

Then Bloc Parties second album came out. I liked it, but in all seriousness it was a bit of a let down. The band was going in a different direction, and strayed from that raw dance punk euphoria. Well, Intimacy, the new album is awesome and very much a reminder of what Bloc Party is capable of. Some of the songs on this album are not only incredible songs, but may be the best work Bloc Party has ever written (Ion Square, Better Than heaven, Your Visits Are Getting Shorter). It is almost like Bloc Party is saying "yeah we can writes songs like songs on Silent Alarm, but that doesn't mean we are going to." Luckily they do, and boy are those songs worth the wait. I highly recommend this album, and although it came out near the end of 08, I am including it on my best of 2008 list. Tv on the Radio May Get the bulk of the attention this year, but Intimacy is an album that reminds everyone why Bloc Party made a mark on modern music that will never be forgottten.

Talons video

Flux Video


One of my favorite things in the world in the word FAIL. Everything it represents on the internets is my soul and life blood. Nothing brings me Lulz quit like FAIL. This brings me to the FAIL blog. Right around 2:30 at work when I am feeling like I am not going to make it through the day i check this blog out. I highly recommend it. Here is another video for your pleasure.

Im Back!!!!

I gave up blogging for a while for a number of reasons. First I am now a busy lawyer, so i don't have the time. Second, I was having trouble with the blog and wrote two really intricate well written posts that were lost by blogger. After getting frustrated I gave up blogging. Well, I have decided to try it again. I know no one actually reads this blog, but just for feeling like i am sharing fun stuff with people I am going to try it again. 

I return to you with some of my favorite things of 2008. You know like Oprah, but not at all.

First off is my favorite video of 08. Dancing styles always start in the underground and creep up to the mainstream in Britney Spears or Rihanna videos. Check out this MIA Buraka Som Sistema video with dancers from Angola and Senegal. The song is sick, but pay attention because you will see this style on this summers So You Think You Can Dance and you can act all Hipsterish by saying " yeah been there done that!"