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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Price Is Right....Exactly Right....

There are few shows that rank in awesomeness quit like The Prices Right. Whether it is Prime Time Prices with its incredible prizes, people falling down, Plinko, compilation videos of girls "coming on down", really bad bids, or really good bids, Prices Right Will always be entertaining and a favorite thing for people who like the lulz, like the lol, and like "the getting blazed before noon."

Today we were presented an early Christmas gift with a classic Price is Right moment when an old man got a perfect bid not once, but twice with one of the bids being the showcase showdown. Yes, the first time since 1972 someone has gotten the bid on their showcase show down perfectly correct. His childhood love interest, who he was separated from during a life of poverty and crime in the ghetto, was waiting for him outside after the producers interrogated him on cheating. (I guess I had to make the inevitable reference to Slum Dog Millionaire since I know everyone else must have as well). 

This momentous occurrence was nearly ruined by Drew Carey's incredible ineptitude in hosting the show. He doesn't have to do much, the audience pretty much does his job for him, but regardless Mr. Carey nearly sucks all the excitement out of every awesome moment. After it was revealed that the old dude bid exactly right on the showcase show down, Drew Carey FAILED horribly at responding. I couldn't help to think how awesome it would have been if Bob Barker was the host or what it was like in the seventies when everyone was drunk or stoned on TV.

Here is what I heard in my head when I watched Drew Carey's performance during this classic moment:

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