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Monday, September 22, 2008

11 Year Old Leads Police on 10 Mile Chase!!! Wheres Latarian?

!!!!!!!!UPDATE:!!!!!!!! I must be psychic or something. Are favorite seven year old thug Latarian was also in the news today for stealing his grandmothers car.....AGAIN!!! He must have heard about the 11 year old from Pittsburgh and didn't want to be upstaged. How thug life. Anyfuckedupchild, how the hell do you let your grandchild, not once, but twice steal your car and go on a joyride????? I would have by fucking retina installed as a pass key to open the car. Those keys would be in a safety deposit box!!! Latarian's grandmother had just got her car back from the last fiasco when he stole it again and totaled it!!! This kid doesn't have a chance. Either do we....Here is video of Latarian's latest grand theft auto arrest.

On Sunday night an 11 year old foster child stole his foster mothers Toyota station wagon and led PA state troopers on a 85 mph chase on interstate 70. Troopers used a "pit" maneuver to get the 11 year old to loose control of the car. I wonder if the 11 year was watching Josh Groban on the Emmy's when he went crazy... actually he probably just finished watching the Steelers lose. The boy had just moved in with his foster parents in North Strabane township near Cokeburg on Wednesday( around Washington PA). The mother left her keys in the car and the boy helped himself. The youth is charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, resisting arrest, fleeing and attempting to elude a police officer and 27 traffic violations.

I couldn't help report this without thinking of America's favorite 7 year old criminal.

The Latarian Milton phenomenon is sweeping across the nation. Just earlier a 16 year and 13 year old were arrested for car jacking near Century 3 Mall in Pittsburgh. Kids everywhere "want to do bad things," and "do hood rat stuff" with their friends. Latarian Milton needs to go on a cross country tour spreading his message to kids everywhere, and bringing his act to the masses. And just because,....here's another video of Latarian being the greatest kid in the world.

Finally Its on You Tube!!!! Josh Groban Torture!!!!!

Last Night I was pretty much jonesing for True Blood, just like those perverted Vampires on that sacrilegious show. (I will get to a post on that in a bit- does anyone else have to take a shower after watching that show?). I had to DVR the show so that Kara could watch Bridzilla (I couldn't 't tape Bridzilla because some idiot created the DVR so that you have to watch one of the two things you are taping, and can't change the channel....you know what I mean). During a commercial on Bitchzillas I change the channel to see the score of the Sunday Night Game, but "accidentally" put on the Emmy's. To my shock/ horror/ luck/entertainment I saw that disaster that is captured below. 

Just like a car accident I couldn't look away. It was Josh Groban singing a mega-mix of famous television theme songs..... Grimace....The anticipation of what song was coming next continued my self torture, pushing it further and further into Masochism. If you don't know what I am talking about view the video below. (and pay close attention to his facial expressions). If you do know what I am talking about, let me tell you watching it again is not any easier. If you are a able to make it to the South Park theme you are a better man than me. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Video...

Its that time again. The easiest post of the week. This week I have been down so I have been looking for things to make me laugh. The insanity of others works pretty well....and Charles Manson is definitely insane.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Trying to Cheer Up...

I have been a little down lately...sorry, 8 about previous post. That explains the lack of posting (as if anyone reads this site). Just having problems adjusting to some life changes. Not sure if anyone else is having some problems, but wanted to let you know that this link will definitely make you feel better, if only temporarily. It is worth it. It is a list of celebrity fall down videos put together by Michelle Collins ( who can always put a smile on a my face when I am down).  This is major Lulz, which I try to use everyday to live my life. Maybe that is the problem.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Fundamentals of the US Economy are Sound....For the Rich!

As I was watching Million Dollar listing last night on Bravo! I couldn't help, but think about John McCain's statement that the Fundamentals of the economy are good. The show chronicles 7 and 8 figure properties being sold by young awful people. The real estate agents make six figures for basically getting someone to sign a piece of paper. Their job is no more difficult than any other agent's job, they just have the luck of being in an area where property is very expensive. 

It made me think, that in a time when the housing market is in the dumps, the fact that people are able to make millions of dollars selling houses means something is wrong. The ultra rich are doing extremely well. The fundamentals of the economy are great for the rich. They are making millions. Lehman Brothers, Merly Lynch, and the Macks have all declared Bankruptcy, but their CEO's got paid millions as severance packages and bonuses to run their businesses into the ground. Middle America gets screwed while the wealthy continue to prosper. It seems ridiculous that the dollar is worthless and property and assets are getting gobbled up by international investors, yet rich people continue to add wealth to their bank accounts. There is too large of a gap between the rich and the middle class. This gap is one of actual money and reality. The rich do not understand the middle class and most of America. Americans are struggling while the rich are laughing all the way to the bank. 

It begs the question: Is John McCain capable of understanding how bad the economy is? In his world I am sure he is making money. The people that he surrounds himself with are doing well. So when does he see the problems that most Americans see? The dollar will continue to fall and most Americans will continue to struggle, but the wealthy can continue to buy million dollar homes and luxury cars. 

Ross Park Mall is the local mall in my area. It has traditionally been your typical mall with Gap, Macy's, and American Eagle. In the last year, they have opened up a Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Nordstroms, Tiffany's, Juicy Coutre, Kate Spade, and Michael Kors. The mall is not in a rich area (Median income 57,886). If these are the kind of stores opening in areas that are not even wealthy, it tells you there is something wrong. The economy is in the dumps, yet luxury stores are opening in areas that are middle class. Makes sense? 

I don't want to hear anymore rich people whining about Obama raising taxes on people making over 250,000 dollars a year. These people are buying huge houses, throwing sweet sixteen parties, and are spending their money enough so that luxury high end stores can expand into new markets. It seems ridiculous that the rich are complaining about taxes being raised when everyone is struggling except them. Awwwww, poor rich people. They may have to wait until next year to buy that yacht or build that vacation home. Actually, they probably won't. The income tax, under Obama, will go up to what it was under Clinton over ten years ago. Money is worth a lot more than it was 10 years ago, so that increase is barely something that will make a dent on the rich. If people could afford it during Clinton, how the hell are they not going to afford it now? With inflation, the Clinton era's top tax bracket today works out to be substantially lower than it was then.

It is time the rich understand that people are majorly struggling right now. The fundamentals of the economy are not sound. Are we going to have to wait for the Europeans to come over here buy up all of our assets and property, then wipe their asses with the dollar bill before we agree that more people need to enjoy economic prosperity? Jesus Christ!!! I have said this a million times before, America is no longer number one. Read fucking A Post American World. The world is laughing at how shitty America is doing and all the rich can do is whine about paying a couple thousand dollars more a year in taxes. They will pay 15 million for a piece of property in the Hollywood Hills, but heaven forbid they struggle economically like the rest of us. As the rich prosper and go on as business as usual, the American way of life will crumble before their eyes. 

Monday, September 15, 2008


MTV has decided to put TRL out of is misery by ending its ten year run with a 2 hour special in November. This is the only time MTV ever plays videos, so I guess the whole "Music Television" thing is just in name now. I don't have any feelings about this because I don't watch TRL. Anyone who really is interested in music and who wants to find new compelling music can do it on the Internet. The real story here is what MTV will replace TRL with. MTV's programing has become such trash that whatever replaces TRL can only be an improvement. Whether its dating someones mom or humiliating yourself on some scripted reality TV show MTV will surely come up with some garbage at 3 o'clock. I wish they would bring back MTV news. They could use Kurt Loder. Even if he is dead they could rig him up Weekend at Bernie's style. After all the trash that is on that network some news wouldn't hurt anyone would it? Even if its a story about "Breastfest."

One More Time Can't Hurt!!!

I know everyone has seen this video...more than once, but it definitely can't hurt to watch this again. Kanye West may be an idiot, but his blog is a great read, and I find videos and images that are always worth spending some time on. This is where I came upon this vid. There are so many things you can laugh about when you watch porn. I am not even going to begin to list them. This video manages to take that idea, put it on its head, and make hardcore dirty ass porn safe for work. Yes the impossible has been accomplished, Christ has returned, and Pigs flew. BTW, I have to say my favorite is either the Bass guitar part or the change in the pay phone. Whats yours?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Video

If you ever wondered how to make a squirrel sandwich, this video is for you. I heard that the producers wanted Sarah Heath for this video, but she was too busy running up the debt in Wasilla. Zing!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen I Give You Tina Fey as Sarah Palin....

This opened Saturday Night Live last night. Don't worry if you missed it. This was the only thing worth watching the whole night. Michael Phelps hosted, but I changed the channel and didn't see him in one skit. Whoops. This Tina Fey/ Sarah Palin skit made me cry it was so funny. Watch the whole thing because it gets funnier as it goes along.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Look McCain With Raffaello Follieri....

I am not posting this to say that John McCain has any relationship with shady celebrity con-man Raffaello Follieri or if he even knew that Follieri was crazy, but rather to point out more hypocrisy with Republicans. After watching Bill O'reilly accuse Barack Obama of having shady relationships, and hearing Shawn Hannity relentlessly bring up every person Obama has shook hands with, I want people to realize that politicians are often with a laundry list of questionable people and you cannot draw conclusions based on it. Just because you are in the same room as a person or worked with them on legislation, it does not mean that you agree with their politics or are involved with that persons personal life.

People have friends and acquaintances that believe very different things, and we can't be so irresponsible as to draw parallels between people just because they were photographed together. Don't get me wrong, we have to be vigilant about illegal things they do, but not every conclusion can be drawn. Just because Obama has been around sleazeballs like Tony Rescoe and Bill Ayers, does not mean he creates his whole professional philosophy around theirs. 

John McCain celebrated his 70th birthday with, and on a yacht chartered by, Follieri. He was also with CELEBRITIES!!! Gasp!! How dare he. How was he able to remain a conservative keeping such company? McCain's top adviser  Rick Davis seemed to have some sort of working relationship with Follieri, who promised to get the Catholic vote for McCain (Follieri convinced a bunch of rich stupid people he was a top Vatican rep. HAHAH. If you can make people believe you have money, you can make them do anything). 

I believe that McCain is completely innocent here, and he will be given the benefit of the doubt the same way he was in the Keating 5, but it shows hypocrisy on the Right Wing. Obama hangs out with sleazeballs, but McCains doesn't. Right? People need to realize that your friends and people at the same social events as you cannot be used to make a generalization of how you live your life or what you believe. 

Weaven Steven is a True Pittsburgh Celebrity!!!

Move over Christina Aguillera and Dennis Miller, the world has been introduced to "Weaven Steven." I am often at odds with my fiance over the television. After high jacking our DVR with Bridzillas and How Do I Look, I was beginning to get to my wits end. Today I was forced to watch a year old Splitends on the Style network, but to my delight I happened to fall into one of those disasters of reality TV that ends up being entertaining. It also involved a Pittsburgh connection when I have been in a bit of a rut on Pittsburgh posts. I like to let everyone know about notable Pittsburgh reality TV appearances. I think this qualifies.

Splitends it some stupid show about hair cutters switching salons and being awful people to each other, but the episode I saw involved Dominics in Pittsburgh. Dominics is "high-end" beautiful cutting edge salon in the trendy "boutique," area of downtown Pittsburgh. (It's too high end to deal with websites or Internet phone book listings). Their stylist "Weaven Steven" was switched with a Salon in Tennessee. Steven works with ethnic hair and tacky ass huge drag queen looks with mechanical parts and toys. He likes to call them "Fantasy Cuts." I call them garbage. Yeah. Steven is world renowned and has connections everywhere (everywhere that they have drag shows in basements!!) 

Steven came on the show, didn't follow any of the rules, caused problems, undermined the salon he worked at, was generally difficult, and brought a whole lot of Yinzer glamour!!! His final challenge was doing Joanne Cash's (Johnny Cash's sister) hair and nearly put her six feet under. She told Steven she was on her way to church and was patriotic. Wrong move. There is nothing like good TV. I learned that you can find it anywhere. Especially when you take the best (and worse depending on who you ask) of Pittsburgh and smash it into unsuspecting people. I know that it doesn't do much to make Pittsburgh look good, and probably makes Izzazu's pull out their proverbial hair, but for the sake of television I could give a shit. 

BTW- Dominique's is actually a great Salon stuck in a bad location, and Steven does good hair, I am just trying to get a laugh. I would never make this after thought for any other post. It is only because this is a Pittsburgh business...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Who Wants to See Geraldo Get Smashed by a Hurricane Ike Storm Surge????

I was watching Fox News and saw this. I love when hacks ( Yes Geraldo is a hack) chase the hurricanes as they make land fall and get blow around, washed away, and battered by the chaos. That's really the reason they are there, right? So that we can see we can see these tools put themselves in harms way. Thats all the viewer wants. Geraldo Rivera was in Galveston or on a barrier island and a storm surge came up and took him down. He comes up soaking wet, spitting water, and humiliated. To bad it wasn't Martha McCallum. You can thank me for quickly recording this with my cell phone, and putting it on You Tube, by telling someone you know that Sarah Palin sucks... Thaaaaaaaaaaanks.

Palin is the American Idol Candidate...

Kara and I were just talking about this the other day. Palin is like an American Idol finalist, which explains her popularity with middle America. Claymates and the Soul Patrol love Palin. Rober Ebert has written a great article on this that you should all read. When me and Kara were talking about this we were comparing her more to Sanjaya and Kristy Lee Cook rather than the winner, but we were definitely on to something. I think Ebert more coherently makes the argument, so I will let him explain:

"What defines an "American Idol" finalist? They're good-looking, work well on television, have a sunny personality, are fierce competitors, and so talented, why, they're darned near the real thing. There's a reason "American Idol" gets such high ratings. I want a vice president who is better, wiser, well-traveled, has met world leaders, who three months ago had an opinion on Iraq. Someone who doesn't repeat bald- faced lies about earmarks and the Bridge to Nowhere."

Our talk was something along those lines, except there was something about Paula Abdul in there, some laughing, and a discussion about the mega mess Fantasia Borrino. Hey I think we did pretty good considering we came up with this while doing some gardening....

Stephen Hawkins is Such a Wet Blanket....

The large Atom Smasher is getting a bunch of press because there is talk that it could find the "God Particle," that is responsible for matter and life. Well, arguably the smartest man in the world thinks that won't happen. British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has bet US$100 that the Large Hadron Collider, will not find the elusive particle seen as a holy grail of cosmic science. Boooooo!!!! Way to rain on everyones parade Stephen. I think that Hawkins is just salty that he was not asked to be the guy to turn the machine on for its first run. What a snub!!

Hawkins seems to think that a failure to fing the Higgs Boson God Particle would be more exciting because will show something is wrong, and we need to think again. That Hawkins always needs to be the smartest guy in the world. Why doesn't he just allows other peoples brains to have the spotlight once in a while. I bet they didn't invite Hawkins on purpose. They were probably like "don't invite Stephen, he is such a debbie downer, plus the Large Hadron Collider is not wheel chair accessible yet."

Poorly Prepared, Well coached... I Think We Have Found Wasilla High's New Debate Champ!!!

Many will ask "How can that be?" when they read the title of this post, but let me explain. People who like Sarah Palin will say she did great. People who dislike her will say she did not do well. I dislike her and I say she did alright. She did a very good job of keeping the index cards that the McCain camp gave her crammed in her head. She was coached well, answering questions just as good as any high school principal or politician that has run a small town and been governor for a year. To me that is not good enough. On 9/11 when the security of this country is a painful reminder, a Vice Presidential candidate that was obviously coached giving rehearsed answers should make every American watching squirm in their seat. I am sure many Americans didn't, but they are the ones who had no idea what Palin was talking about anyway. 

I am shocked that she said she has foreign policy experience because Alaska is close to Russia. Moscow is 8,500 miles away from Anchorage!!! Nothing happens in far east Russia, it is a barren desert. New York is closer to London by nearly half.  That statement makes me nervous... Gawker seems to think that the interview is as bad as Miss Teen South Carolina's gaff about maps. That is just ridiculous. Statements like those is what loose elections for Democrats. 

Everyone seems to be making a big deal about her not knowing what the Bush Doctrine was, but I think that is very forgivable. Charlie Gibson seemed to be trying to trick her and be tricky. Tricky Charlie. Why not just ask if she believes in preemptive strikes? That's how the media describes it. Who calls it the Bush Doctrine? What I thought was suspect was the answer about nuclear weapons and Iran. It came off as very high school debate, and a bad one at that. Here is the answer word for word: 

"I believe that under the leadership of Ahmadinejad, nucular weapons in the hands of his government are extremely dangerous to everyone on this globe, yes. We have got to make sure these weapons of mass destruction, that nucular weapons are not given to those hands of Ahmadinejad, not that he would use them, but that he would allow terrorists to be able to use them. So we have got to put the pressure on Iran."

Every sixth grader would be able to give the exact same answer. Please, some Palin supporter, explain to me how answer is VP material? I say she was poorly prepared because you can't tell me this is Sarah at her best. If it was, Palin supporters are ONLY supporting her because she is a "Hockey mom" with five kids. There is no other explanation. If a man gave these answers people would not support him, simple as that (I am soo wrong...Bush ? 2000?). 

This campaign is not only sexist, it is feminist. Palin supporters have become soo pro-women that they are giving her the benefit of the doubt just because she has a vagina and kids. I have always liked John McCain, and last night's forum actually made me again question whether to vote for him, but I just can't get past Palin. Call me.... smart? The more McCain talks loosely the more I want to vote for him, but the more Palin talks the less I want to vote for her. The funny thing, is I bet that is the opposite of most McCain -Palin supporters.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Joachim Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG MISTAKE. Drunk ass Joachim was kicked off the show for being a hot mess. Fuck Glam God. That show is dead to me!!!! How dare Haundry tell Joachim he needs to "shange"!!!! Joachim is a true star and he DELIVERS!! The only problem was Haundry. He was not capable of working in the presence of such talent like Joachim. Glam God is absolutely nothing without its star Joachim. That pussy Haundry should be thanking his lucky stars that he had the honor and privilege to work with such a legend. Joachim was more entertaining than anything that this ghetto ass TV show could come up with. The problem is that these low rent trashcans should be styling Joachim. He doesn't need to keep reaching for the stars, because he is one!!

Basically this week was more of Joachim's awesomeness with the introduction of a equally entertaining character, Jackie Blue (Joachim dressed as women). They both got really drunk, made bad decisions, caused chaos, undermined the entire challenge, and made great TV. Jackie Blue fell down numerous times (the floor was wet...come on! ...so were the stairs....and the sidewalk), and during the challenge to dress an "it girl" ( I know ridiculous), he pushed the model out of the way and got in front of the camera for the picture. Sigh.....could you ask for anything more?

This show is such a low rent ghetto ass mess. I mean it is like the Showgirls of Reality TV. It is such garbage that is is actually good. Does it even get 500,000 viewers? The whole racket is just a fucking joke. Vivica A. Fox??? Putting clothes on people??? "Reaching for the stars and styling them"??? I mean come on, they had fucking Adnan Ghalib as a judge on this week. If you don't know who that is, he is the guy who finally drove Britney to her rock bottom. He's a fucking pap!!! How dare they say that Joachim was unprofessional and disrespectful to other people on the show. He treated that show just like the piece of shit it is. It's a lifestyle Dammit!!!!!! Why doesn't that jacked- up -old- lady Vivica whatever understand that?

Joachim you will go down in history with some of the best TV I have ever watched. Your name will be spoken in the same sentence as Belu ( crazy dutch girl from Road Rules Europe), Richard Hatch (Survivor 1), Irene (Real World Seattle), and Toni of Paradise Hotel. Hell, Joachim's name should be in the dictionary as entertainment unimaginable to the human mind. Tonight will forever be remembered as the night we lost one of the greatest TV characters ever to grace a low rent basic cable television show....Lulz.

MTV Aims to Deflower Mormon Virgin on New Real World: Brooklyn...I See They are Going in a New Direction.

MTV Real World has been ruining hipster parties  and destroying the "hippest place on earth vibe" since it started filming in Billyburg (actually Red Hook), Brooklyn. Not that I know this for sure, but I am going off of Gawker's spies around Brooklyn. It looks like one of the cast members is a Mormon virgin (His name is Chet...yes Chet. That is him above) who has been thrown to the Hispster Wolfs. The show's producers are trying to deflower him and have him cheat on his fiance. How Real World of them. MTV has even managed to give him a scarf and blacked rimmed glasses so that he more closely resembles his surrounding habitat. MTV has tried this before with the virgin blood (Matt RW New Orleans), but I think that if anyone can convince a Mormon to have sex, it is a bunch of PoMo Hipsters from Sarah Lawrence and Oberlin. They will just keep saying how stupid everything is until they break him down. The show, virginity, religion, where they are hanging out, their loft, etc...I'll keep a close watch on this and post anything new. I would love to see before and after interviews with these cast members. Nothing can give a person a false sense of "know it all" like living in Williamsburg for six months.

Everyone Knows Kanye Was Arrested Right?

If you didn't here is the video. Of course there is a video! Why wouldn't there be? Kanye was arrested for getting papped in LAX then smashing a paps camera or something. You know. Normal celebrity shit...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Please Don't Let It Get to Hammer Pants!!!

natalie portman's shaved head - sophisticated side ponytail from thatgo on Vimeo.

Its about time Blayne was booted from Project Runway. His assault on our eyes went way too far. He is not alone though. Hipster fashion has taken a particular turn for the worse as of late. The name of the band and the video above should be evidence enough that the neon gas aesthetic of 1990 has somehow begun to reinfiltrate modern style. WE NEED to fight back. I was watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High the other day and couldn't help but notice the way people were dressed was similar to about 5 years ago. Mike Damone's blazer with pins on the lapel was at Urban Outfitters about 4 years back, and all of the shorts are freely available at American Apparel. The movie was filmed in 1982. Using my post modern time translator that means we have about 4 years before the MC Hammer pants are sold at American Apparel. Maybe even sooner. American Apparel has announced Hyper Color will be sold by the end of the year. Please don't let this happen.

I see some resistance. Blayne was booted from Project Runway tonight possibly as a backlash to the "I love the late 80's early 90's" style influence (although he was most likely booted because his designs looked like someone rolled around in trash bin behind a Michaels). After exhausting most of the 80's, Hispters have began focusing on 1990. Yes, I know, it sucks. Lady Gaga is a great example of the utter disaster that is capable of occuring. It could be worse than a cataclysmic accident at the Atom Smasher. Lets all put our foot down and promise to not buy geometrically shaped sunglasses or peg our pants. It may be to late, but neon t-shirts should stay in Virginia Beach and Hollywood Montrose should stay in the Mannequin. I have a feeling this is coming from those west coast hipsters and we all know how I feel about L.A. Hipsters...

All By Himself...

Eric Carmen was arrested for DUI outside of Cleveland. Why is this news because he wrote "Hungry Eyes" and "All By Myself". Also, I find humor in the destruction of the personal lives of others...especially when it involves drugs and alcohol. Call me old fashion...Lulz

John McCain Likes Pigs With Lipstick too....Double Standard?

UPDATE: Apparently John McCain is embarrassed by the web ad implying Obama called Palin a pig after seeing video's like the one below. He pulled the ad from his website "saying today is not a day for partisanship."  Nice, he looks good taking down a sleazy ad that his campaign created while getting a 9/11 plug in. You have to hand it to him. His campaign is made up of a bunch of political geniuses. The whole Palin phenomenon is a great example. No, I am not being sarcastic. Also, you know when O'reilly says the media created the lipstick pig drama, people are beginning to recognize a sleazy political move. So all in all, I guess it was "phony outrage," just like Obama said. BTW, for all you idiots out there that don't understand how an analogy works, Obama explained the real meaning of his phrase on Letterman. See, he was calling McCain a pig!!!! Palin was the lipstick. So actually, he was complimenting Palin. If only Americans used that 8 pounds sitting on their necks. Sigh....

Skank School Returns With Sharon Osbourne...

Charm school is coming back, this time with the Rock of Love Girls and Sharon Osbourne. Lets see if Osbourne can be a better influence than lard ass chokes on fat Monique. VH1 has who will be on it. I am glad to see this back, because that G to Gents garbage on MTV just doesn't cut it. See, we want to watch skanky sluts be skanky sluts. You don't want to watch douche bag wannabes be douche bag wannabes. Right? Plus, Fonsworth Bentley? really?? That's not how reality TV works. Bachelor not Bachelorette. Flavor of Love not I Love New York. I am such a loser.

Did anyone notice they brought back Courtney for a second chance? She was the dumb bitch who got drunk and passed out during the first elimination ceremony on Rock of Love 2. I need help... What is She-Hulk Rodeo doing on there? Wasn't her gimmick some kind of well behaved shit? Whatever, this is just a natural step in these women's careers before they pose nude for the internet.  Hell, Megan is ahead of the curve. 

Just Let Me Know Whenever They Find The God Particle...

The nerds be poppin champagne today over the first proton beams being shot through the 17 mile ring known as the Large Hadron Collider. The 3.8 Billion dollar machine is being described as the biggest physics experiment in history. It has been in construction for 24 years, and today it was turned on and given a test drive.

The Collider did what is was supposed to do by shooting beams of protons in opposite directions, but it will be weeks and years before the protons are actually smashed together at 11,000 miles per second. At that time, scientists hope to find the beginning particles that created life, mass, and the Universe. When the proton beams smash together in a chamber, highly sophisticated nerd machines will take digital pictures of the space time debris. The experiments could reveal more about "dark matter," antimatter and possibly hidden dimensions of space and time. It could also find evidence of the hypothetical particle — the Higgs boson — which is sometimes called the "God particle" because it is believed to give mass to all other particles, and thus to matter that makes up the universe. The discovery of this particle is the "Holy Grail" of physics for nerds. (Watch this video if confused)

I guess this tunnel they use is at a temperature more freezing than deep space and more empty than the middle of the universe. This is all well and good, but I want to know when they find the crazy shit. Wake me up when they create dark matter, or find the "god particle." Some scientists thought that this experiment could create a black hole that will destroy earth or strangelets that will turn the earth into goo. If that happens please DON'T wake me up...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yes, I KNOW, She Was Also a Sports Reporter....

The most qualified Republican for Vice President was not only a governor and mayor, but also a beauty queen, a journalism major, a basketball player, an end of days enthusiast, and.... a sports reporter in the 1980's. Yes in all her 80's hair glory, here is a video of Sarah Heath (Palin) doing her best Suzanne Stone Maretto.  Priceless...

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey Guess What?

Alaska will be the place all Christians flee when the end of the world occurs. Well what do you know...Yes the above video is real. Sarah Palin was in attendance during a sermon at her church where the pastor said that terror attacks on Jews occur because they were unbelievers who didn't embrace Christianity. Further, a church that she was a member of for 6 years feels that Alaska will be a refuge for Christians when the end of days comes (above video). Why? Who knows. I guess there is something in the back of the bible about it. You know the same place where it says that the war in Iraq is gods will. Want to hear something else? Her church promoted an "ex-gay" conference where you can pray away the gay. Maybe she can help Lindsey Lohan. I smell next week's cover of US Weekly!!!! I know alot of this is old news, but hearing it again can't hurt. The funny thing is that we all know Reverend Wright on a first name basis, but we can't name the Wasilla Assembly of God pastors. I guess it is the liberal media bias. 

Anyone Interested??? Anyone at All??

The Mini-me sex tape is here in all of its WTF should I watch this glory. I have chosen not to look at the stills. The fact that this exists is all I need to know. Ok, I did see one still that is completely  worth looking at. Its fucking hilarious. You can figure out what I am talking about. Anyone interested can click here. The rest you will have watch on the website "sex with mini-me". I am sure that it is short and definitely not sweet. I am talking about the movie...

O'Reilly Challenges Palin to Come on the Factor...

I had to grab the above picture from Art's Bar & Grill just to let everyone know where Palin "worked," during the beginning of her Alaskan reformation as Sheriff of Wasilla. BTW, is that a drive thru window on the front of City Hall? Anyinexperienced, as Palin runs around on the campaign trail giving the same speech she gave at the Republican convention, O'reilly played the second part of his interview with Obama. Basically, they argued about the fairness of Progressive Income Tax...boring! Bill called Obama Robin Hood, and Obama said he is cutting taxes for 95% of people (which is true, well actually 81% of America)...Blah Blah Blah. What I liked was that O'reilly repeatedly said he wants Sarah Palin on the O'reilly Factor. I am going to have to think about that. On paper it looks like a disaster, but with the American public you never know. The more Sarah Palin looks like John McCain's hot secretary, the more middle America loves her.

Roger Federer Wins His Fifth US Open and 13th Grandslam...

Roger Federer easily beat Andy Murray to win his fifth consecutive U.S. Open and 13th overall Grand Slam. After not winning a major all year and only winning two minor tournaments since his last grand slam, people (stupidly) began to question if his best days were behind him. Those people who thought that do not even deserve to watch the athletic artist that is Roger Federer. They should be enslaved and forced to string Federer's rackets, pick up his tennis balls at practice, and dry the courts after it rains. Federer is thee best tennis player ever hands down and in my opinion the best athlete in any sport ever. No one masters the nuance, detail, and technical aspect of their sport like Federer. It is truly magical to watch him play tennis. Today his godly ability was not on full display, but he was still able to win in straight sets (6-2, 7-5, 6-2). Phelps who??? Move over Michael...people are talking about Federer again.

Oh, BTW, what the hell was Anna Wintour doing in Federer's box? Get that rotten ice skank away from him. No wonder he was slightly inconsistant. Everytime he looked to his girlfriend and family he saw that horrific animal sitting there.

Tom Brady Out For the Season...

Tom Brady hurt his left knee on Sunday, will have surgery, and will be out for the rest of the season. I have one question. This is good for the Steelers right?

Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews sent to their Rooms...

MSNBC is such a mess. They call it the "Place for Politics," but they are about as confused with their concept as this website. It looked as if they were going the opposite route of Fox News being the Ying to Fox New's Yang, but they started taking it a bit far during their convention coverage. Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews were heading the election division being the head piece and anchor during the convention's nightly coverage. Well, it didn't go over too well. If you could translate the historic Disaster Movie 0% rating on Rotten tomatoes into 24 hour news ratings, that is how MSNBC did. Oberman and Matthews have their own shows which don't move well into the unbias journalism role. It would be like having Bill O'reilly be the anchor for all of Fox's election coverage (believe me Fox News is almost there too). We just need to realize that America is not very Liberal bias friendly on major news networks. Air America failed and MSNBC is faltering. It's sad when the Daily Show, as a fake news show, is the only way that a Liberal voice can be heard. Chris Matthews and Keith Oberman will keep their shows, while David Gregory will take over as anchor

Americans Decided Issues Aren't Important...

Today all the polls are saying that McCain is in the lead for president. CNN has them even at 48% while Gallop has McCain over the margin or error in the lead with 5 points 49% to 44%. This tells me that Americans don't care about actual issues. They are voting on image. They think McCain and Palin are a nice ticket. They are normal good people like us that we can trust to run the country. In fact, since the convention, you don't hear the Republicans talking about any issues except change. They kind of stole Obama's lead with his own gimmick. Who ever talks most about change and least about issues seems to be in the lead. Add in an "American Woman" and a "War Hero," and it gets you 50% in the gallop poll. "Fake ass Palin" and "grumpy old man" if you ask me.

What bothers me is that these issues need to be discussed. Someone just sent me something showing how taxes will go up for everyone thousands of dollars if Obama is elected. That is flatly untrue. Everyone making under $500,000 a year gets a tax cut under both plans. If you make over $500,000 your taxes go up. If you make under $172,000 a year then your tax cut is bigger under Obama (who is also against the marriage penalty like McCain). If over that number, McCain gives a bigger tax cut. Why are we not hearing facts like this from the politicians. I want to hear numbers and specifics. I will not vote on image and you shouldn't either. This is not a fucking pageant!!! If McCain and Palin win, we should just turn the presidency into a pageant because that is all it is. Pomp, circumstance, and pageantry.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Steelers Win Big...

The Steelers made a statement by winning big in their opening season game, beating the Texans 38-17. Parker ran for 138 yards and three touchdowns and a near-perfect Ben Roethlisberger threw two scoring passes to Hines Ward in a win that began with Houston's fourth-down failure on its opening possession. After the opening fuck up the game was pretty much over with a win certain by the second quarter. Parker's broken leg from the end of last season showed no signs of interfering with his incredible game, and Rothlesberger only missed one of 14 pass attempts before being pulled out in the third quarter. Ward made six catches for 76 yards and Pro Bowl safety, Troy Polamalu, coming off an injury-filled season, made his first interception in nearly two years.

All in all, it is exactly how every Pittsburgh Steeler fan expects every game to go. In fact if games do not turn out this way we are usually complaining about something, whether it be coaching or player's mistakes. The Texans were full of hope after a good season, for them, last year, but going for it at fourth and 1 on the Steelers 48 yard line basically put them in their place. Quarterback, Matt Schaub, leaned into the line and appeared to have gained the needed yard and one official signaled a first down. But the ball was inches short when measured and despite Kubiak's protests to referee, Terry McAulay, that a first down had been called, the ruling was upheld upon replay after Houston challenged. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Poor Texans. Houston didn't even get into the end zone until 9 minutes were left in the game. Steelers play the Browns at Cleveland next week. Most people think they will easily win their division, so the Browns should be as easy as getting picked to be the Republican Vice President.

Rat Faced Nadal Upset!!!!

UPDATE: Serena Williams won and reclaimed the number one spot in the world!
Yes!!!! Rat faced Nadal was beat today by Andy Murray, making it easier for Roger Federer to win the US Open and regain his crown of greatest tennis player ever. I really like Andy Murray, but Roger Federer needs to win and get the world to start talking about how good he is again. Andy Murray is Scottish, which is cool and all, but I will root for him at Wimbeldon. Federer needs to get back to #1. The final is on tomorrow because of rain delays. Serena Williams is up by one set tomorrow and the rest is tomorrow. Serena should win because she is playing crazy tennis and Jelena Jankovic is kind of nuts.


9:00 PM- The MTV VMA started and I am going to attempt to live blog. The show started with Britney Spears and Jonah Hill doing a comedy skit about kissing or something. Then Britney came out and said the show was staring with the mic covering her whole face. Boring I know. Next Rihanna came out did Disturbia in some whacked out outfit. Her legs looked weird. Russel Brandt did a monologue basically saying Republicans and virgins are stupid. They just cut to Zach Effron after saying Jamie Fox said "Hey ladies," HAAHA! Britney Spears won best female video for a song and video that I've never heard or seen. So far this sucks! Its like a school project you waited to long to start, and crammed together the night before. They are in the same set that FNMTV is filmed in. Its like a studio wrestling set from the 1980's. Its about as exciting as the 1983 VMA's. HA and Demi Moore is on stage.

9:27 PM- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Chris Brown won best male video. Oh god the Jonas Brothers are performing on a set that looks like Sesame Street. This is terrible. The Republican National Convention was more entertaining than this. Katie Perry is singing like a virgin. Is that suppose to be Ironic or tongue in cheek??

9:40- Looks like Michael Phelps is going to embarrass himself in with little Wayne. This shouldn't help his douche investigation. Nope - no embarrassment or douche just boring

9:42- Lil Wayne - T Pain - Leona Lewsi- Lil Wayne tearing this busted show apart!!! Only reason to watch show so far. Russel Brandt going down in flames fast....

9:46 - Lindsey Lohan and Ciara- Fanny Pack won some dance thing- Man the Kids Choice Awards is better than this crap

9:48- Pussy Cat Dolls win best dancing in video- I am going to slow down on the blogging because there is nothing to say about this garbage... 

The whole show feels really safe and under produced than other years. Its definitely on a smaller scale and not ambitious at all. Very conservative, basically colorful version of Day Time Emmy's. 

9:58- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

10:05- Slash and Shia Labouf. weird. He's as tall as Slash its uncanny. Worst Rock video is... Linkin Park. 

10:13- Miley Cyrus shitting all over Bon Jovi Like a Prayer. I feel like an senior citizen, I just don't understand these young people. Sharon Stone is performing some Pink song on the Jonas Brothers Seame Street set. Shes doing a good job too. Oh MY GOD put your pants back on Sharon. Lindsey Lohan's in the building.

10:16- Wasn't Christina Aguilera suppose to scream during this shit? Where's Kanye? Shouldn't he being complaining about how great he is?

10:19- High School Musical cast - I am really do feel like a senior citizen. Either that or this shit is the Kids Choice rip off. 

10:20- Pete Wentz looks stupid. He is reminding me of Tom Cruise for some reason. He is looking desperate for best new artist votes. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are annoying and stupid. More Republican jokes from Brandt. I guess he has a plan and sticking to it.

10:23- McLovin doing a bit with SLIPNOT. Not funny. Best Hip Hop Video= Lil Wayne. He just smoked so much Angel Dust.

10:26- OH MY!!! Jordin Sparks just went after Russell's attack on virgins. She said not everyone wants to be a slut and promise rings aren't bad. I can't wait for Russell Brandts come back. Promise Rings are STUPID (PERIOD). TI doing a live music video or something looks like a home movie. 

10:28- Rhianna is doing O-Zone HAHAHA! Romanian Boy Bands Rule!!!

10:32- How many promise rings are going to be thrown in the trash at the after parties?? Defintely these high school musicals whores...

10:34- XTina doing slutty tranny racoon cat burgular version of Genie in a Bottle ... Her boobs are huge. Her lip singing is completely off. She looks like Aubrey O'day and Brittany from I Love Money rolling around in trash. 

10:42- Russell Brandt awkward response to Jordan Sparks. Kind of a Ellen Degenerous esque bubbling nervous jokey thing. Not Funny...

10:43- Chance Crawford and Lauren Conrad are being boring together. Best New Artist... AWWWWW the GERMANS!!!! Tokio Hotel. WTF?? It looks like Adrian Currey put her finger in a light socket. As Michael K says, "Sonic the Hedgehog just won." AM is playing M.I.A. Buckey Done Gone - that could be the best part of the night.

10: 50- LL Cool J wants to pick out lingerie with Russell. WTF. This is stupid. Holy Skank!!! Paris Hilton. She's fucking her lines up. Britney won another award. Best pop/poop video. Is this show even trying to be legitimate??? Britney is so programmed to behave. She looks like she was shot up with Prozac. She justs thanks god, then smiles. Maybe she should run for VP. It looks like that is all you need to do it. 

10:57- Click here if you want to see Harry Potter naked from Equus for real. It was just on a thread on D-listed. Don't ask me why I am posting this ( I am hoping it will help to get some hits). There is some tit and ass too if you feel weird about looking at a celebrity peen. 

11:00 - Kid Rock performing some southern rock shit.. His same old shit. When's Kanye??? Here comes Little Wayne to bring this into this century.

11:11- Kobe - Video of the Year- If Britney Spears wins I will fucking die from laughing. They are just basically saying she is pop culture "thing" of year and giving her this award instead. She has never won a moon man until the year her life explodes on TV. She doesn't win any awards in other years then wins ........HAHAHAHAHAHAHA she won!!!!! I guess being hospitalized twice, putting out a flop of an album, and shaving your head with your life falling apart finally wins you 3 MTV video music awards. This show is soooo bunk!!!! It just basically said this shit is all staged and fake and has nithing to do with music. 

11:14- Kanye West doing some new song that I am sure he thinks is the best song ever. He isn't rapping. Is this singing? This is so fucking weird. This whole thing was the weirdest fucking MTV awards I have ever seen. Everything is flipped. It is like the opposite awards show. It closes just like it opened. BORING. This was nothing more than a FNMTV that was three hours long.  ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!! WORST MTV MVA's EVER. 

I could have put on a better MTV awards show in my basement!!!! TRL is more exciting than this shit!!! This sucked I can't believe I wasted my time blogging and watching this. This could be the end to this forever. MTV is trying to go with a new direction that took everything entertaining about the show out and replaced it with a bland safe cookie cutter version of the show. I guess MTV just decided to bring back Britney and give her awards for fucking up and then fixing her life. 

Sunday Video

UPDATE: OK, I explored the website, which I guess is not the TV show's website. The Indian Game show is called DADAGIRL or something and it is kind of like confronting bullies or something?? The website sprung up from the video where the guy yells "How you slap." I don't know- Im more confused now-read this.

This is a video of an Indian Reality Tv show where people who are kind of famous from being on Reality TV slap each other. Yep thats the whole show, they slap each other. Check out the website for this ingenious show. I guess the idea is something like allowing Kelly and Sue from Survivor 1 to play a game show against each other, confront each other, then allowing one of them to slap the other? Actually I think it is just a game show with slapping. Wait... I have no idea what the hell this is. Yes, I know, its ingenious. It has so many layers. Well, all hell breaks loose in the clip below. You can figure out the disaster that may occur when the show involves people getting angry then slapping with a catch phrase, "How You Slap?":

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bad Ass Sarah Palin Wannabe Helps In Yesterday's Police Chase...

The big story in the burg yesterday was that big police chase all over the city. Two methfaced/ Amy Whinehouse admirers robbed a bank then led Pittsburgh Police on a 20 mile tour of the city. The chase started in Banksville shopping center right before six on Friday night. John McCleavy, 36, of Pittsburgh's Ridgemont neighborhood, and Meghan Jaeger, 21, of Boardman, Ohio walked into the National City Bank in the shopping center, said they had a gun, and left with $3,000. Score!! They went up Crane Avenue and hit Saw Mill Run Boulevard. From Saw Mill Run, the police chase wove wildly through rush-hour traffic, looped up around Beltzhoover and Mount Washington, coming down to the West End Circle and crossing the Fort Pitt Bridge and heading outbound on East Ohio Street, where the SUV collided with and damaged a truck at Chestnut Street before resuming the escape up Route 28. The chase passed through Millvale, Shaler, Sharpsburg and Etna, threading through traffic that inched out of the way as six marked police units wailed in pursuit. The SUV reached speeds of about 80 mph at times, police said. After exiting into Sharpsburg, the suspect reversed direction on Route 28 toward Pittsburgh, turning onto the 31st Street Bridge, where police cars finally blocked them in. Yep, that's pretty much the whole city. All of the local news blew their loads over this shit following the whole thing live in their helicopters.

What John and Meghan didn't know was that hot ass Eileen McCabe was on their asses!!! 48 year old Eileen has three children, a husband, a need for speed. Ms. McCabe witnessed the robbery from the parking lot and decided to follow the SUV that the robbers were driving. With an adrenaline rush and a sense of duty, the mother of three pulled out behind the silver Saturn Vue fleeing the scene and followed, all the while on her cell phone giving directions to police and 911 about where the SUV was going.  Ms. McCabe followed the Saturn sport utility vehicle up Crane Avenue and over to Saw Mill Run Boulevard, where the SUV made a right turn. As Ms. McCabe made a right, she said, "the car in front of me stopped because of the sirens. The 911 operator told me, 'Dormont and city police are right behind you. Get the fuck out of their way you looney Soccer mom!" Well, they said all of that except the last part. When asked what motivated her to chase dangerous criminals she said, "Sarah Palin- If she can be a pitbull with lipstick then any mother can." Actually she didn't but you know that is what she was thinking. She did say that she was not afraid and that "she couldn't believe that she was using her turn signals during the whole chase." She also added that the person was "wearing a baseball cap and a very bad black wig." Are we sure the robber wasn't Tyra Banks? On her overall experience McCabe noted "Nothing happens in my life. I have three wonderful children, a great husband and a fabulous job, but this was some excitement for a 48-year-old woman." Why doesn't she try being governor?

Ms. McCabe ended her pursuit as the SUV turned up West Warrington Avenue. After the chase she decided to head back to the bank to check on the tellers, some of whom she said she has known for almost 20 years. McCabe works for the University of Pittsburgh in the collections department. So look out!! This bitch is going to be calling your house for some school loans you are behind on. She will hunt you down. The two dumb asses who robbed the bank are being held on $250,000 straight bond, and have a history of prostitution, assault, and drug possession. We can all sleep a little better tonight knowing that Eileen McCabe is playing her numbers and grocery shopping in some strip mall around Pittsburgh. Soccer moms have gotten a whole lot more bad ass since Sarah Palin hit the cover of US Weekly. 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hey Eveyone, Triumph the Insult Dog Went to the RNC!!!!

Here is the video of Triumph the Insult Dog at the RNC from Conan the other night. Its funny a puppet dog asks better questions than news reporters at Fox ( I know- Meghen Kelly you do your best even when Bill Hedder is obnoxiously flirting)

Joachim Ortiz is The True Star of Glam God!!!!

Move over Vivica A. ...whatever your name is, there is a "actual" star on your show stealing the spotlight. Her name is J-O-A-C-H-I-M. Joachim was such a hot drunken mess on this weeks episode of "Glam God" on VH1, that he just took it over, embarrassed everyone, caused a scene, was generally disruptive to the entire process, and finally shit his pants. Someone give this guy his own show. The only thing I could find on him is that he does hair and makeup for some low rent Hollywood TV Internet show. I tried to get a picture of Joachim off of the Glam God website, but the only pictures there were ones of Vivica Fox... figures. The first couple episodes of this show were basically a waste of time with Indahsio trying to cause trouble, but this week Joachim basically said enough of this amateur shit, THIS is being difficult. I would try to catch this episode, its worth it.

The show is some garbage about dressing people up for the red carpet or something. It doesn't matter what nonsense they are doing, what matters is that there is someone actively sabotaging the other people's time on the show, and they made it through to next weeks episode where they dress up in drag and cause a mess all over Hollywood.

BTW, what the hell is up with Viva Fox? Her hair, make up, outfit, and face were almost a bigger mess than Joachim. Almost... Does anyone else notice how she talks weird? I think it is because her whole face is fake. She sounds like her nose is jacked and she has false teeth. Damn! What happened to her? She was Will Smith's bitch in Independence Day. Now she looks like someone's botoxed grandma or something. I love how she's on a show about stylists and glamour. I've seen better dressed people at Amusement Parks. Kennywood anyone? Here is a video of Joachim being entirely too sober:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Couldn't Have Said It Better...

Here is a great video of Karl Rove and O'reilly directly putting their foot in their mouths. Typical Republicans, Hypocracy at its finest. Every American needs to watch this video. 

Oh Bill Your Such a Tease!!!!

Obama was on Bill O'reilly tonight. There was basically a ten minute tease interview with the rest split over three nights next week. I do think that Obama should have been on earlier in the political process because giving someone like O'Reilly a chance to discredit him this close to the election is dangerous. Before he could have distinguished himself and Hillary, which would have been safer. With that said, Or'eilly in my view, was easy on him. You can tell that O'reilly likes Barrack. When Orielly likes someone he lets them talk, and Obama did very well. One worry I have about Obama is that he is not at his political high point. He is young and not at his best yet. You can see this when he stutters. He is not as good without a TelePrompter as he is with a pre-written speech. Obama did not come across as an elitist or as an overly intellectual person. He came across as a very prepared person who is very well versed in international relations and world affairs ( I wonder is Palin even knows international relatiions at all). Obama spoke about how Iraq was a mistake because terror networks were confused and Hussein was lumped in with Al Queda when there was no relationship. Orielly agreed. Obama also tried to defend why he was not in favor of the surge when it has worked. This was a messy area that Fox and the Republicans will hammer tonight and throughout the rest of the election. He should really just say that he was wrong. He side steps and gives conditional answers (Its funny because Lindsey Graham is now talking about this very subject on the stage at the convention). Obama then talked about how to deal with Iraq and Pakistan. He said that the military option is not off the table, but it is not something that needs to be prepared for at this moment. Other diplomatic options should still be tried because we have not exhausted these channels of communications. Lastly, he said that Paukistan needs to have greater pressure put on them because they have wasted all of the military support and money we have given them on preparing for a war with India. Woops! Overall, the interview was cordial and made both men look like very prepared intelligent people. I actually liked Orielly (which I always have- I watch him every night- I think he is entertaining). On Tuesday Orielly will ask him about Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. This is being promoted as the night with the fireworks. The Republicans seem to believe that any friend or relation you have automatically means you believe everything that the other person stands for. I am interested to see how Obama deals with it. I would bring up McCain and the saving and loans crisis thing in the 1980's to show that a persons name in your past does not automatically make you responsible for that persons views and behavior. With all these serious posts I may have to change the name of this blog. I really need to post a dog sniffing his but or something soon.

I Think I am Addicted to Palin!!!!

I just have to comment on the level to which the Republicans are blowing their loads over Sarah Palin. Ok, she reformed Alaska in their eyes (which can be argued when you see how much money she took from the federal government, hired a lobbyist to work in Washington, and took the 400 million for the bridge to nowhere when the project was canceled), but I still can't move past the fact that someone from the 4th least populated state is being presented as someone who can run this country (let it be known that I think an Alaskan can be qualified to be President, it would just take more than 2 years as governor to get there). She has a journalism degree, no passport, and has 4 kids under 21. I would be much more supportive of the Republican point of view if we were ten years in the future. Nancy Pelozi has five kids, but they are all grown. Palin is still breast feeding her youngest child!! 

Further, wouldn't you want the most qualified person for a job? I mean if you were getting heart surgery, hiring a financial adviser, or even getting work done on your car wouldn't you want someone who was in the business for more than 2 years. Would you go to Alaska to get cancer treatment? Would you want a city planner for Pittsburgh from a city with 7,000 residents? Most big law firms, corporations, and fortune 500 companies strictly hire out of Ivy League schools where the graduates have done internships and rotations in large, fast paced, high stressed cities. Why is the office of president any different? Why does middle America make a decision based on who they relate to or whether that person "is like them?" You wouldn't make a decision based on that for a lawyer or doctor.  So why for the second most powerful job in the world? That is why Republicans make me nervous. They think that the federal government is simple to run. If it is not, that is because the government is wasting money on poor people that "just need to get a job and stop taking handouts." We need someone in office that understands things aren't that simple. Inner city working class people need someone that understands their struggles, and no one will be able to convince me that Palin is, or is capable, of being that person. Hell she thinks "aerial wolf hunting" is an important political cause that needs to be protected.

Now I know Barack Obama has the same experience problem, that is why I have my concerns about him as well. I do think that Obama being involved in Chicago politics for years and four years in the Senate may make him more qualified than a two year Alaskan governor, but it is arguable. Obama has at least been exposed to all different kinds of people and their struggles. Not just "small town Alaskan families." I ask Pittsburgh Republicans this question: If Dan Onorato was elected governor of Pennsylvania tomorrow and spent 1 year as governor would he be qualified to be Vice President? Not sure.  At least he is County Executive of a county that is way more intricate than anywhere in Alaska. Surely, more than the Meth capitol of Alaska :Wasilla. BTW, she was just photographed for the 2007 issue of Vogue here are those picks. That is what the above picture is about (the picture is an artistic rendition of what it may look like). The pictures from 2007 are below.

Also, for a good Alaskan political blog that really gives you an idea about how some view Palin in Alaska check out Kodiam Konfidential- News Opinion Wild Speculation.

Mars Area School District Principal Clears Her Name...Sort of...

Heres an update on that bizarre local news story for all you Western PA news junkies. Yeah I know your out there. I posted a couple items following the legal scandal involving the disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice charges on a Mars Area School District principal and her husband. Well, the case was closed yesterday, and all charges against Miss Saker were dropped. Three of the 5 counts were dismissed by a lower court and the remaining 2 counts were Nolle Prossed (dismissed because person pressing charges or the prosecution does not wish to continue usually for lack of evidence or a plea bargain). That means that Miss Saker has not been convicted of any crimes and her name has been cleared. There is a possibility of charges being reinstated if Daniel Tressler wishes because of the Nolle Prossed, but I think that is highly unlikely. I am sure Miss Saker promised free tickets to all the Mars High School football games this fall and gave the cop a gift certificate to Applebees. You know what I'm saying...228 holla!. Anna's bad ass husband Nazir wasn't so lucky and had to plead guilty to all of his charges. I am sure that Miss Saker is glad that this is all over and done with so she doesn't have to hear the Cops theme song playing outside her office, and doesn't have to worry about field trips to the Court house on her trial dates. I guess there is a lesson to be learned by all of this. No one gets in the way of Anna Saker and a blue light special at Big Lots. Hey it could be worse. She could have been the mayor of Detroit who was sentenced to prison today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain Says, " Go Ahead, Try Not to Vote For The American Family."

Cause that is what the Republicans say you are doing if you don't vote for Palin and her family. Sarah Palin gave her big speech tonight that all the 24 hour news stations were building up to be a political speech for the ages. Well... It wasn't. Palin basically told us all about her family and explained she is a reformer that eliminated all the wasteful government spending in Alaska (she opposed the 400 million bridge to nowhere, but kept the 400 million after the bridge was vetoed- she didn't mention that). That must have been a difficult job since Alaska has such a huge wasteful bureaucracy right? It was mostly everything we expected. The truth is I have heard better speeches at high school school board meetings. That is what I felt like I was watching. It was like a PTA mom was mad about the school bus stopping down the street instead of in front of her house. I don't care how much reform she has done. Being a governor of Alaska for 2 years does not cut it. She doesn't even have a passport. 

The Republicans are all about image. This election will come down to a vote on Image not issues. They are saying how can you vote against the American family. They think they can avoid the issues by parading a family out using pageantry to get votes. It may work for their party, but I think the American people know better. Its all image/ style (bad style at that- except grandma McCain she has enough glamour to win any office) over substance. I still have a problem with the fact that she has four kids under 21, and one that is special needs, which she is still breast feeding. I mean Wonder Women could not even devote the time needed to be president under those circumstances. Did anyone notice how they kept passing the down syndrome baby around from Cindy to all the kids. Talk about a cheap photo op. Why wasn't a nanny watching the baby. I didn't see any other babies there. Levi was even there and got to hold the baby. This poor kid probably just wanted to get some, and he is now sitting at the Republican national convention engaged to a possible Vice Presidents daughter. After forcing myself to watch ten minutes of shrill family value procession, I changed the channel to see Serena Williams beat Venus. Venus was up 5-3 and had 6 set points to get to a third set. I can't believe she lost. I favor Venus over Serena. She looks more like a women- sorry, I know- I like her game better too- did that help? No?. Serena will win the open. These two are playing on a level that is so far above any other women at the open that they could play left handed and still win. That rat faced Nadal beat American Marty Fish. I don't like Nadal because he gets in the way of Roger Federrer being the greatest tennis player ever... and he is always picking his ass in those weird pant shorts.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

John McCain Dated an Exotic Dancer?!?!?

Tonight was the first night of the prime- time -show part of the Republican National Convention. Usually the Republican convention is way more exciting and entertaining than the Democrat's Convention. People are usually drunker, acting more stupid, and generally having a better time. Its people who don't get out much mixed with people that get out too much. Its great, kind of like a wedding. Anylosers, tonight was different. Fred Thompson, Bush, and Joe Lieberman spoke and pretty much put all the old people to sleep. The veterans clapped their crooked bony hands and fingers to the whole McCain Hanoi Hilton story, and tried to get up for all the U-S-A chants, but their walkers were at the end of the aisles. Everyone woke up out of their Scotch nap when Fred Thompson decided to complete his lecture about McCain having the character to run the country by saying John once dated an exotic dancer named "Marie- The Flame of Florida." Oh yeah and he drove a Corvette while he did this? WTF. Right in front of McCain's wife and 96 year old mother he said this, and it wasn't even a joke. Or, if it was, it was executed really poorly. Fred Thompson limped through the rest of the speech, apparently lying as well. If Fred didn't put every senior ( I love how old people call themselves seniors) in the house to sleep, then Joe Lieberman definitely did as the closer. Joe Liberman is such a horribly boring politician which he clearly revealed to America in 2000. His speeches are worse than paint drying. They should just call him the wet blanket. He basically said a bunch of junk about how great McCain is, and how we are all citizens not D's and R's. He didn't try to say you should vote Republican, he just said that you should vote for McCain. 

The whole night was just weird. President Bush was basically relegated to a satellite feed where he said McCain could lead and that Iraq is going well. He came to say a man that he ripped to shreds and personally tore apart in 2000 is now ready to lead the country. Further, The Republican party was cheering for a candidate that has done nothing but been a thorn in their side. Then they had Lieberman, a life long Democrat, speak and say nothing good about the Republicans or bad about the Democrats. It was just confusing and came off as a party that is kind of in disarray and lost- confused about their leadership and direction. This was only the first big night. Giuliani and Sarah Palin speak tomorrow. It should be...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!