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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

McCain Says, " Go Ahead, Try Not to Vote For The American Family."

Cause that is what the Republicans say you are doing if you don't vote for Palin and her family. Sarah Palin gave her big speech tonight that all the 24 hour news stations were building up to be a political speech for the ages. Well... It wasn't. Palin basically told us all about her family and explained she is a reformer that eliminated all the wasteful government spending in Alaska (she opposed the 400 million bridge to nowhere, but kept the 400 million after the bridge was vetoed- she didn't mention that). That must have been a difficult job since Alaska has such a huge wasteful bureaucracy right? It was mostly everything we expected. The truth is I have heard better speeches at high school school board meetings. That is what I felt like I was watching. It was like a PTA mom was mad about the school bus stopping down the street instead of in front of her house. I don't care how much reform she has done. Being a governor of Alaska for 2 years does not cut it. She doesn't even have a passport. 

The Republicans are all about image. This election will come down to a vote on Image not issues. They are saying how can you vote against the American family. They think they can avoid the issues by parading a family out using pageantry to get votes. It may work for their party, but I think the American people know better. Its all image/ style (bad style at that- except grandma McCain she has enough glamour to win any office) over substance. I still have a problem with the fact that she has four kids under 21, and one that is special needs, which she is still breast feeding. I mean Wonder Women could not even devote the time needed to be president under those circumstances. Did anyone notice how they kept passing the down syndrome baby around from Cindy to all the kids. Talk about a cheap photo op. Why wasn't a nanny watching the baby. I didn't see any other babies there. Levi was even there and got to hold the baby. This poor kid probably just wanted to get some, and he is now sitting at the Republican national convention engaged to a possible Vice Presidents daughter. After forcing myself to watch ten minutes of shrill family value procession, I changed the channel to see Serena Williams beat Venus. Venus was up 5-3 and had 6 set points to get to a third set. I can't believe she lost. I favor Venus over Serena. She looks more like a women- sorry, I know- I like her game better too- did that help? No?. Serena will win the open. These two are playing on a level that is so far above any other women at the open that they could play left handed and still win. That rat faced Nadal beat American Marty Fish. I don't like Nadal because he gets in the way of Roger Federrer being the greatest tennis player ever... and he is always picking his ass in those weird pant shorts.

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