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Monday, September 8, 2008

Hey Guess What?

Alaska will be the place all Christians flee when the end of the world occurs. Well what do you know...Yes the above video is real. Sarah Palin was in attendance during a sermon at her church where the pastor said that terror attacks on Jews occur because they were unbelievers who didn't embrace Christianity. Further, a church that she was a member of for 6 years feels that Alaska will be a refuge for Christians when the end of days comes (above video). Why? Who knows. I guess there is something in the back of the bible about it. You know the same place where it says that the war in Iraq is gods will. Want to hear something else? Her church promoted an "ex-gay" conference where you can pray away the gay. Maybe she can help Lindsey Lohan. I smell next week's cover of US Weekly!!!! I know alot of this is old news, but hearing it again can't hurt. The funny thing is that we all know Reverend Wright on a first name basis, but we can't name the Wasilla Assembly of God pastors. I guess it is the liberal media bias. 

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