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Friday, September 12, 2008

Who Wants to See Geraldo Get Smashed by a Hurricane Ike Storm Surge????

I was watching Fox News and saw this. I love when hacks ( Yes Geraldo is a hack) chase the hurricanes as they make land fall and get blow around, washed away, and battered by the chaos. That's really the reason they are there, right? So that we can see we can see these tools put themselves in harms way. Thats all the viewer wants. Geraldo Rivera was in Galveston or on a barrier island and a storm surge came up and took him down. He comes up soaking wet, spitting water, and humiliated. To bad it wasn't Martha McCallum. You can thank me for quickly recording this with my cell phone, and putting it on You Tube, by telling someone you know that Sarah Palin sucks... Thaaaaaaaaaaanks.

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