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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Steelers Win Big...

The Steelers made a statement by winning big in their opening season game, beating the Texans 38-17. Parker ran for 138 yards and three touchdowns and a near-perfect Ben Roethlisberger threw two scoring passes to Hines Ward in a win that began with Houston's fourth-down failure on its opening possession. After the opening fuck up the game was pretty much over with a win certain by the second quarter. Parker's broken leg from the end of last season showed no signs of interfering with his incredible game, and Rothlesberger only missed one of 14 pass attempts before being pulled out in the third quarter. Ward made six catches for 76 yards and Pro Bowl safety, Troy Polamalu, coming off an injury-filled season, made his first interception in nearly two years.

All in all, it is exactly how every Pittsburgh Steeler fan expects every game to go. In fact if games do not turn out this way we are usually complaining about something, whether it be coaching or player's mistakes. The Texans were full of hope after a good season, for them, last year, but going for it at fourth and 1 on the Steelers 48 yard line basically put them in their place. Quarterback, Matt Schaub, leaned into the line and appeared to have gained the needed yard and one official signaled a first down. But the ball was inches short when measured and despite Kubiak's protests to referee, Terry McAulay, that a first down had been called, the ruling was upheld upon replay after Houston challenged. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Poor Texans. Houston didn't even get into the end zone until 9 minutes were left in the game. Steelers play the Browns at Cleveland next week. Most people think they will easily win their division, so the Browns should be as easy as getting picked to be the Republican Vice President.

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