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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

John McCain Dated an Exotic Dancer?!?!?

Tonight was the first night of the prime- time -show part of the Republican National Convention. Usually the Republican convention is way more exciting and entertaining than the Democrat's Convention. People are usually drunker, acting more stupid, and generally having a better time. Its people who don't get out much mixed with people that get out too much. Its great, kind of like a wedding. Anylosers, tonight was different. Fred Thompson, Bush, and Joe Lieberman spoke and pretty much put all the old people to sleep. The veterans clapped their crooked bony hands and fingers to the whole McCain Hanoi Hilton story, and tried to get up for all the U-S-A chants, but their walkers were at the end of the aisles. Everyone woke up out of their Scotch nap when Fred Thompson decided to complete his lecture about McCain having the character to run the country by saying John once dated an exotic dancer named "Marie- The Flame of Florida." Oh yeah and he drove a Corvette while he did this? WTF. Right in front of McCain's wife and 96 year old mother he said this, and it wasn't even a joke. Or, if it was, it was executed really poorly. Fred Thompson limped through the rest of the speech, apparently lying as well. If Fred didn't put every senior ( I love how old people call themselves seniors) in the house to sleep, then Joe Lieberman definitely did as the closer. Joe Liberman is such a horribly boring politician which he clearly revealed to America in 2000. His speeches are worse than paint drying. They should just call him the wet blanket. He basically said a bunch of junk about how great McCain is, and how we are all citizens not D's and R's. He didn't try to say you should vote Republican, he just said that you should vote for McCain. 

The whole night was just weird. President Bush was basically relegated to a satellite feed where he said McCain could lead and that Iraq is going well. He came to say a man that he ripped to shreds and personally tore apart in 2000 is now ready to lead the country. Further, The Republican party was cheering for a candidate that has done nothing but been a thorn in their side. Then they had Lieberman, a life long Democrat, speak and say nothing good about the Republicans or bad about the Democrats. It was just confusing and came off as a party that is kind of in disarray and lost- confused about their leadership and direction. This was only the first big night. Giuliani and Sarah Palin speak tomorrow. It should be...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!

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