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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh Bill Your Such a Tease!!!!

Obama was on Bill O'reilly tonight. There was basically a ten minute tease interview with the rest split over three nights next week. I do think that Obama should have been on earlier in the political process because giving someone like O'Reilly a chance to discredit him this close to the election is dangerous. Before he could have distinguished himself and Hillary, which would have been safer. With that said, Or'eilly in my view, was easy on him. You can tell that O'reilly likes Barrack. When Orielly likes someone he lets them talk, and Obama did very well. One worry I have about Obama is that he is not at his political high point. He is young and not at his best yet. You can see this when he stutters. He is not as good without a TelePrompter as he is with a pre-written speech. Obama did not come across as an elitist or as an overly intellectual person. He came across as a very prepared person who is very well versed in international relations and world affairs ( I wonder is Palin even knows international relatiions at all). Obama spoke about how Iraq was a mistake because terror networks were confused and Hussein was lumped in with Al Queda when there was no relationship. Orielly agreed. Obama also tried to defend why he was not in favor of the surge when it has worked. This was a messy area that Fox and the Republicans will hammer tonight and throughout the rest of the election. He should really just say that he was wrong. He side steps and gives conditional answers (Its funny because Lindsey Graham is now talking about this very subject on the stage at the convention). Obama then talked about how to deal with Iraq and Pakistan. He said that the military option is not off the table, but it is not something that needs to be prepared for at this moment. Other diplomatic options should still be tried because we have not exhausted these channels of communications. Lastly, he said that Paukistan needs to have greater pressure put on them because they have wasted all of the military support and money we have given them on preparing for a war with India. Woops! Overall, the interview was cordial and made both men look like very prepared intelligent people. I actually liked Orielly (which I always have- I watch him every night- I think he is entertaining). On Tuesday Orielly will ask him about Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. This is being promoted as the night with the fireworks. The Republicans seem to believe that any friend or relation you have automatically means you believe everything that the other person stands for. I am interested to see how Obama deals with it. I would bring up McCain and the saving and loans crisis thing in the 1980's to show that a persons name in your past does not automatically make you responsible for that persons views and behavior. With all these serious posts I may have to change the name of this blog. I really need to post a dog sniffing his but or something soon.

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