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Monday, September 8, 2008

Americans Decided Issues Aren't Important...

Today all the polls are saying that McCain is in the lead for president. CNN has them even at 48% while Gallop has McCain over the margin or error in the lead with 5 points 49% to 44%. This tells me that Americans don't care about actual issues. They are voting on image. They think McCain and Palin are a nice ticket. They are normal good people like us that we can trust to run the country. In fact, since the convention, you don't hear the Republicans talking about any issues except change. They kind of stole Obama's lead with his own gimmick. Who ever talks most about change and least about issues seems to be in the lead. Add in an "American Woman" and a "War Hero," and it gets you 50% in the gallop poll. "Fake ass Palin" and "grumpy old man" if you ask me.

What bothers me is that these issues need to be discussed. Someone just sent me something showing how taxes will go up for everyone thousands of dollars if Obama is elected. That is flatly untrue. Everyone making under $500,000 a year gets a tax cut under both plans. If you make over $500,000 your taxes go up. If you make under $172,000 a year then your tax cut is bigger under Obama (who is also against the marriage penalty like McCain). If over that number, McCain gives a bigger tax cut. Why are we not hearing facts like this from the politicians. I want to hear numbers and specifics. I will not vote on image and you shouldn't either. This is not a fucking pageant!!! If McCain and Palin win, we should just turn the presidency into a pageant because that is all it is. Pomp, circumstance, and pageantry.

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