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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Video

UPDATE: OK, I explored the website, which I guess is not the TV show's website. The Indian Game show is called DADAGIRL or something and it is kind of like confronting bullies or something?? The website sprung up from the video where the guy yells "How you slap." I don't know- Im more confused now-read this.

This is a video of an Indian Reality Tv show where people who are kind of famous from being on Reality TV slap each other. Yep thats the whole show, they slap each other. Check out the website for this ingenious show. I guess the idea is something like allowing Kelly and Sue from Survivor 1 to play a game show against each other, confront each other, then allowing one of them to slap the other? Actually I think it is just a game show with slapping. Wait... I have no idea what the hell this is. Yes, I know, its ingenious. It has so many layers. Well, all hell breaks loose in the clip below. You can figure out the disaster that may occur when the show involves people getting angry then slapping with a catch phrase, "How You Slap?":

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