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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bad Ass Sarah Palin Wannabe Helps In Yesterday's Police Chase...

The big story in the burg yesterday was that big police chase all over the city. Two methfaced/ Amy Whinehouse admirers robbed a bank then led Pittsburgh Police on a 20 mile tour of the city. The chase started in Banksville shopping center right before six on Friday night. John McCleavy, 36, of Pittsburgh's Ridgemont neighborhood, and Meghan Jaeger, 21, of Boardman, Ohio walked into the National City Bank in the shopping center, said they had a gun, and left with $3,000. Score!! They went up Crane Avenue and hit Saw Mill Run Boulevard. From Saw Mill Run, the police chase wove wildly through rush-hour traffic, looped up around Beltzhoover and Mount Washington, coming down to the West End Circle and crossing the Fort Pitt Bridge and heading outbound on East Ohio Street, where the SUV collided with and damaged a truck at Chestnut Street before resuming the escape up Route 28. The chase passed through Millvale, Shaler, Sharpsburg and Etna, threading through traffic that inched out of the way as six marked police units wailed in pursuit. The SUV reached speeds of about 80 mph at times, police said. After exiting into Sharpsburg, the suspect reversed direction on Route 28 toward Pittsburgh, turning onto the 31st Street Bridge, where police cars finally blocked them in. Yep, that's pretty much the whole city. All of the local news blew their loads over this shit following the whole thing live in their helicopters.

What John and Meghan didn't know was that hot ass Eileen McCabe was on their asses!!! 48 year old Eileen has three children, a husband, a need for speed. Ms. McCabe witnessed the robbery from the parking lot and decided to follow the SUV that the robbers were driving. With an adrenaline rush and a sense of duty, the mother of three pulled out behind the silver Saturn Vue fleeing the scene and followed, all the while on her cell phone giving directions to police and 911 about where the SUV was going.  Ms. McCabe followed the Saturn sport utility vehicle up Crane Avenue and over to Saw Mill Run Boulevard, where the SUV made a right turn. As Ms. McCabe made a right, she said, "the car in front of me stopped because of the sirens. The 911 operator told me, 'Dormont and city police are right behind you. Get the fuck out of their way you looney Soccer mom!" Well, they said all of that except the last part. When asked what motivated her to chase dangerous criminals she said, "Sarah Palin- If she can be a pitbull with lipstick then any mother can." Actually she didn't but you know that is what she was thinking. She did say that she was not afraid and that "she couldn't believe that she was using her turn signals during the whole chase." She also added that the person was "wearing a baseball cap and a very bad black wig." Are we sure the robber wasn't Tyra Banks? On her overall experience McCabe noted "Nothing happens in my life. I have three wonderful children, a great husband and a fabulous job, but this was some excitement for a 48-year-old woman." Why doesn't she try being governor?

Ms. McCabe ended her pursuit as the SUV turned up West Warrington Avenue. After the chase she decided to head back to the bank to check on the tellers, some of whom she said she has known for almost 20 years. McCabe works for the University of Pittsburgh in the collections department. So look out!! This bitch is going to be calling your house for some school loans you are behind on. She will hunt you down. The two dumb asses who robbed the bank are being held on $250,000 straight bond, and have a history of prostitution, assault, and drug possession. We can all sleep a little better tonight knowing that Eileen McCabe is playing her numbers and grocery shopping in some strip mall around Pittsburgh. Soccer moms have gotten a whole lot more bad ass since Sarah Palin hit the cover of US Weekly. 

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