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Monday, September 8, 2008

Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews sent to their Rooms...

MSNBC is such a mess. They call it the "Place for Politics," but they are about as confused with their concept as this website. It looked as if they were going the opposite route of Fox News being the Ying to Fox New's Yang, but they started taking it a bit far during their convention coverage. Keith Oberman and Chris Matthews were heading the election division being the head piece and anchor during the convention's nightly coverage. Well, it didn't go over too well. If you could translate the historic Disaster Movie 0% rating on Rotten tomatoes into 24 hour news ratings, that is how MSNBC did. Oberman and Matthews have their own shows which don't move well into the unbias journalism role. It would be like having Bill O'reilly be the anchor for all of Fox's election coverage (believe me Fox News is almost there too). We just need to realize that America is not very Liberal bias friendly on major news networks. Air America failed and MSNBC is faltering. It's sad when the Daily Show, as a fake news show, is the only way that a Liberal voice can be heard. Chris Matthews and Keith Oberman will keep their shows, while David Gregory will take over as anchor

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