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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weaven Steven is a True Pittsburgh Celebrity!!!

Move over Christina Aguillera and Dennis Miller, the world has been introduced to "Weaven Steven." I am often at odds with my fiance over the television. After high jacking our DVR with Bridzillas and How Do I Look, I was beginning to get to my wits end. Today I was forced to watch a year old Splitends on the Style network, but to my delight I happened to fall into one of those disasters of reality TV that ends up being entertaining. It also involved a Pittsburgh connection when I have been in a bit of a rut on Pittsburgh posts. I like to let everyone know about notable Pittsburgh reality TV appearances. I think this qualifies.

Splitends it some stupid show about hair cutters switching salons and being awful people to each other, but the episode I saw involved Dominics in Pittsburgh. Dominics is "high-end" beautiful cutting edge salon in the trendy "boutique," area of downtown Pittsburgh. (It's too high end to deal with websites or Internet phone book listings). Their stylist "Weaven Steven" was switched with a Salon in Tennessee. Steven works with ethnic hair and tacky ass huge drag queen looks with mechanical parts and toys. He likes to call them "Fantasy Cuts." I call them garbage. Yeah. Steven is world renowned and has connections everywhere (everywhere that they have drag shows in basements!!) 

Steven came on the show, didn't follow any of the rules, caused problems, undermined the salon he worked at, was generally difficult, and brought a whole lot of Yinzer glamour!!! His final challenge was doing Joanne Cash's (Johnny Cash's sister) hair and nearly put her six feet under. She told Steven she was on her way to church and was patriotic. Wrong move. There is nothing like good TV. I learned that you can find it anywhere. Especially when you take the best (and worse depending on who you ask) of Pittsburgh and smash it into unsuspecting people. I know that it doesn't do much to make Pittsburgh look good, and probably makes Izzazu's pull out their proverbial hair, but for the sake of television I could give a shit. 

BTW- Dominique's is actually a great Salon stuck in a bad location, and Steven does good hair, I am just trying to get a laugh. I would never make this after thought for any other post. It is only because this is a Pittsburgh business...

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