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Monday, November 17, 2008

Pittsburgh "Takes Over" the Hills...Sort of...

Don't you dare sink your boring claws into my city, Hills... Don't you dare. Pittsburgh got a couple of shout outs on the Hills last night, bringing more entertainment to the show than any grimace that Lauren could muster up. First off, Audrina mentioned her shitfest of a movie that was filmed in Pittsburgh on the Aftershow. Yes... I was going to waste a post talking about the filming of this movie on he Northside, but decided against it because I don't consider a Sorority horror movie with Potato Head Willis and Audrina Patridge something to be excited about even if it was filmed in the Burg.

Also on the after show they had one of the web cam-loser fans located in Pittsburgh. London, New York , LA, and....Pittsburgh. Take what you want from this, but any inclusion of Pittsburgh with real cities is a good thing.

Most importantly, the Takeover UK was featured as a "Playing Now," band with Ah La La. After years, the Takeover UK is slowing making its way into pop culture, and being from Pittsburgh, this was the most exciting thing about the episode. I know these guys and wish the best for them. I had their first single on a burned CD, and can't help be excited to hear them used on the Hills to prep an Audrina/ Bobby - Justin eyeball scene. Niiice. I've watched Girl Talk rise up through the ranks of the MTV world, and I can only hope to see the same thing with The Takeover UK. I remember when I got the first Girl Talk "boom-bip" sample and thought about how this guy could get huge. It was the same thing I thought hearing the Takeover UK promo. I tried to catch the UK at most of their Burg shows for a while, but I lost track of them when I went to law school. No worries, during law school I was reminded daily of the band by the Takeover UK sticker that someone vandalized the Appellate Practice  bulletin board with. I thank that person because without them I would not have been entertained the slightest tonight watching the Hills!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I just lost this really great post that I wrote about Sarah, Bristol , and Piper Palin. Basically it was about how at one time I thought that Piper Palin would grow up to do great things because of her obvious pleasure in being on stage and in the public eye. Then I saw her with a (fake) Louis Vouitton bag and with high heels on in the Today Show segment, to which I immediately altered said opinion. My new opinion was about how she will be Bristol 2.0 in the 2012 campaign causing more trouble by being sluttier and more Parasite Hiltonish. I swear, it was a very intelligent, Salonish.comish piece. I even had video of the Today Show with said heels. Well blogger went and fucked it up by erasing it instead of saving. I know its hard to keep the two straight (stupid blogger). So instead I am posting this incredible video Sarah Shaffer posted wrapping up the campaign on Best Week Ever. Pay special attention for Piper Palins appearance. Its no Heel or Loius Vouitituituitoooion, but it is just as awesome.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Sex Change We Can Believe In!!!!

This week didn't just stand for change in the nations most important office. No, change was felt through out the nations political system from state wide elections to small town mayors. In by far the hottest race of the 2008 political elections, Stu Rasmussen beat out incumbent mayor Ken Hector. This is Rasmussen's third term as mayor of Silverton ( A town with 9,600 people...I know...This means he's qualified to be governor of Alaska and a VP candidate as well). What is going to be different for Stu this time? Well for starters he is now a women. Yes, Stu Rasmussen will be coming back to city hall dressed as a woman with breast implants and size 11 3 inch heels. Rasmussen, 60, a local politician since 1984, has been elected twice as city mayor in 1988 and 1990. However, at that time, he did his official affairs wearing shirts and pants. Stu Rasmussen publicly transitioned into a women the years in between his terms as mayor. With the support of the town, and with a campaign slogan about preserving the community, Rasmussen was able to win win his third term as mayor by more than 400 votes ( which is alot when 4,000 barley voted). Stu says hes a fiscal conservative, a social liberal, and hot ass slut!

Apparently Stu Rasmussen likes to dress in miniskirts and black boots, and some say she is the ,kind of women who can stop traffic.( Ok The Sarah Palin comparisons need to stop). She has been cross dressing for 15 year starting out small just getting her nails done then going out in full Tranny gear. Stu says hes a straight dude in a woman's body. He has been with the same women for 30 years. Policy issues dominated the race because everyone knew Stu and didn't have a problem with him.

I'll say it again, What is with Trannies lately???? I previously did a post on this, but the Tranny Train is moving full steam ahead. There was the pregnant man, the Tranny Chicken, the Top Model Tranny, Tila Tequila, Aubrey Odey, Onch the Asian kid from Paris Hilton New Best Friend, and Transtasia ( Doc about Transgendered beauty pageants that won a bunch of awards at Cannes). Watch out world, if things continue down this path, I think I see the Republican candidate for 2012. He has just as much experience as Sarah Palin, wants to cut the government fat, is a Maverick, and knows how to rock a pair of leather boots. Ladies and Gentlemen Stu Rasmussen will not stop at mayor, you thought it was history with Obama being the first African American president. Well, watch 2012 will be the year of the first Tranny president. Video below of hot ass Stu being interviewed in front of his favorite 4 a.m. corner. I kid, I kid.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Video

Here is a clip of Summer Heights High. If you can, make sure you start watching this show. It premiers tonight on HBO. It is on at 10:30 after Entourage and True Blood. Yes...Sunday is turning into an incredible night of television rivaling Wednesday and Thursday in laziness. And BTW how fucking awesome is True Blood? Paquin boobs, possum demon lady, crazy V trips. I am interested to see if Jason frees the vampire he has hidden in his basement or if that crazy hippie bitch fucks everything up... And poor Bill, Snookie has really got him in bad with the Vampires. I think that there is a lot about Bill we don't know, and his intentions with Snookie aren't exactly what they appear to be. Anyway here is that clip I mentioned.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Election Night With Obama... On Flickr?

So Barack Obama has a Flickr account...and he's posted candid shots of him and his family in their hotel room as they find out they will be the new first familiy of the country. Pretty amazing. The thumbnails are intimate, moving, and annother example of how this administration will be open and different than the previous. Go here if you wish to see these photos. Warning: Flickr is having a difficult time keeping up with the traffic. It keeps hicupping.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What The Hell is Happening to Fox News

Change is really coming to America. When Fox News is turning into an actual news station that questions the McCain campaign and right wing spew, you know things are really swaying in a different direction. You don't believe me. Follow me here:

1) Carl Cameron - Brings forward the backlash of McCain against Palin revealing to the world that Palin didn't know that Africa was a continent and not a country. This began the reporting on McCain's campaign attacking Palin. 

2) Sheppard Smith - Sheppard called Joe the Plumber on his repeated statement that a vote for Obama is a vote for the destruction of Israel. Smith would not let Joe the Plumber get away with  lies about Obama and disdain for Obama's tax policy when Joe is on welfare and makes income that would give him a tax cut.

3) Major Garret- Major has stuck up for Obama stating that Fox News, more specifically, Fox and Friends has been unfair to Barack and has been spreading false statements about the new presidents views and background. His email rails against the station.

4) Karl Rove and Chris Wallace- Both celebrated Obama's win as something we should all be proud of as Americans and that everyone should celebrate this hopeful moment.

5)With Rupert Murdoch and his wife coming out in favor of Obama, will Roger Ailes decide that Fox News will finally become a real investigative journalism station or be honest about what they are?

Looks Like Just Enough Time Has Passed....Here Comes the Hate!

Western Pennsylvania pulled through and overwhelmingly elected Barack Obama, even though they were accused of being "racist", "redneck", and clingful of their god and guns. Well....don't get to excited about the whole Obama support thing. Western PA still wants you to know they really know how to HATE!!!

In Greenville, Mercer County a black family named the Whitesides (I know) was congratulated by their racist caucasian neighbors with a fireball in their Dodge Intrepids gas tank. The fire ball blew up their car and almost spread to their house before old man Whiteside was able to put it out. If there is any doubt this was a racist attack based in hate let me tell you this. The fireball started during Obama's exceptance speech, and the name Obama was spray painted all over the car. NICE!! Not to be out done, Forest Hills, PA also wants everyone to know they are still full of hate. There, a black man found a note on his car that said, "Obama may have won, but you and your house are still in danger."

I find this all so amusing. John Murtha nearly lost his seat in the House of Represenatives because he said this area of PA was racist. Obama had his comments, and was chastized for them too. Now since the election is over and the Republicnas are now admitting that Palin was just as stupid and under qualified as we all thought, can we now all admit that Murtha was right that blue collar America is/was racist? It won't even cost you the election

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

When Words Have Lost Their Ability to Make You Feel Turn to Music!!!

This whole Obama son of Kansas women and man from Kenya as leader of the free world thing is just as indescribable to me today as it was last night. The sheer hope, excited, and absolute admiration that I have for my country is at a level that I have never experienced in my life. This proves to me that America really is the greatest country in the world, and for once I don't give a shit whether I am offending Europeans when I say that!! We come back harder than ever when you put us down, and we create new bright light just when you think are bulb is burnt.

I have been reading so many linguistic attempts at explaining how people feel on the blogs today that words are beginning to loose their ability to express. Well... at least for me. So what I have decided to do is post the top 5 Obama music videos/ songs that capture what some people are saying around the net. Please comment and give me your thoughts on a good song to mix with Obama celebration videos!!

Coldplay: Viva La Vida/ Fix You- People need make a Obama video of his campaign and win medley to these songs stat!!!!!!!!!!

JOHN LENNON- IMAGINE- What this song makes you feel and represents is a hope and belief in a place and time when everyone together celebrates and hopes for unity and greatness for all. When millions of people all over the world celebrate for new time when all people can prosper and live happily. What John Lennon was singing about in that song was what we experienced and saw last night when Obama was announced winner and gave his speech. Incredible!!!

ARCADE FIRE- No Cars Go- Come on do I need to explain this one??(sorry about quality wanted the video from a rally)

OLD TIME- Obama supporters- This video perfectly represents the grass roots bottom up people of all back rounds coming together to celebrate and work to get this incredible man elected and produce
this momentous time in history!

LOVE GENERATION- Bob Sinclair ( or World Hold On which I put above) I figured a dance song about what this movement represents and how the world feels right now is fitting. World Hold on would have worked for the campaign as people were mobilizing to elect Obama

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The first black president, the first president we can all believe in, and the first president that makes young people excited about politics. YES WE DID!!! Congrats!!! A new day is upon us. For a good laugh listen to the desperation and insanity of the talk radio right. They are having psychotic breaks. 

P.S. No Cars Go...It just makes sense

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hey Stupid Ashley Todd...This is How You Get People Excited to Vote!!!

This is by far the highlight of this years election. When I see things like this it makes me get excited about the political system. Screw Obama's half hour TV spot, or McCain's shameless distortion of  Mr. Clean (Joe the Plumber). These kids have the excitement and fun that voting should be all about. This is the Atlanta Boys and Girls Youth Choir doing their incredible remix of T.I.'s Whatever You Like. The choir put their own spin on the song singing "You Can Vote However You Like." Pay attention to the words. Not only do you get educated in each candidates platforms, but you get to hear lyrics like "I want Obama stick with McCain and you'll have drama!" The best part is that the performance is completely bi-partisan with a West Side Story esq back and forth. This has made the agony of mind numbing political discourse a little more tolerable. Something as simple as a bunch of kids singing has made me rededicated to the political system. No candidate can get people interested in politics and excited about voting like these kids do. Enjoy!